Yubico Bio Series Security Keys Support Biometric Authentication

After serving as a trusted login authenticator for years, Yubico has now stepped up its support for biometric authentication. Dubbed the Bio Series, the new Yubico hardware security keys will allow users to authenticate logins with fingerprints.

Yubico Bio Series Security Keys

Continuing its advocacy and support for passwordless authentication, Yubico has deployed the new Bio Series security keys.

Elaborating on these keys in a detailed document, Yubico said the new hardware keys support both fingerprint-based and PIN-based logins. The keys come with a built-in fingerprint reader, allowing users to simply press the key for authentication.

Vendors have released the drives in two common form factors – USB-A and USB-C – thus supporting a variety of devices. Users can use the keys for secure password-less authentication or as a two-factor authenticator. In addition, these keys support logins requiring fingerprint scans or biometric authentication for FIDO2 / WebAuthn compliant services.

Regarding the hardware structure, Yubico explained that the Bio series comes with a separate secure chip to store the fingerprint templates. Plus, because the hardware stays offline, users don’t have to worry about fingerprint theft.

The YubiKey is based on hardware with the authentication secret or fingerprint stored on a separate secure chip built into the YubiKey, without an internet connection, so it cannot be copied or stolen …
With the YubiKey, data is encrypted with strong public key cryptography where only the public key is stored on the server, thus eliminating risk.

Due to this secure architecture, these keys can significantly prevent online threats such as account hacks and man-in-the-middle attacks (MiTM).

Yubico announced these hardware security keys as part of Google’s plans for a global (but gradual) rollout of two-step verification. The tech giant recently announced the feature while revealing plans to launch a Google Password Manager feature accessible in the Google app to give users easy access to all accounts.

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