Yoti accredited as a private digital identity provider by the Australian government

Yoti has received accreditation approval to allow Australians to perform digital identity transactions and verify individuals using his biometrics-based digital ID app which he says is secure, secure and reusable.

The company said in a blog post that accreditation, which is part of the Australian Government’s Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF), means that people and businesses can have confidence in the use of personal data, enhanced in practical ways for Australians to prove their identity online, with robust solutions like the free Yoti app.

Yoti said he was accredited after demonstrating that his digital ID service meets requirements demanded by the Australian government, including accessibility and usability, privacy, security and fraud control, risk management and technical integration.

The company has committed to meeting TDIF’s obligations by stating that it will use its AI-based technology and digital ID application to provide seamless identity verification to online and physical businesses in Australia.

The free app, the company explained, can help people store their personal information securely and allow them to add their ID documents and facial biometrics to it, for identity verification in just seconds. . It also allows people to share specific identity details without fully revealing who they are.

After receiving accreditation, Yoti Regional Director for Australia, Darren Pollard, said: “Yoti is both proud and excited to begin accreditation under TDIF, and we look forward to working closely. collaboration with the DTA team. We are confident that the Yoti global digital identity platform will meet the TDIF requirements. Many private and government organizations around the world have already trusted Yoti for digital identity verification and we wholeheartedly support the Australian government’s approach to create a national framework for digital identity providers to ensure public confidence.

Yoti’s accreditation comes after eftpos’s ConnectID accreditation, which was the first non-governmental institution to get the green light to offer digital identity exchange services to Australians.

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