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BOISE — Last year, the Idaho State Tax Commission sent more than 22,000 identity verification letters and stopped more than $3.4 million in tax refunds from going to fraudsters .

This year, the Tax Commission is continuing its fraud detection reviews which include sending letters asking income tax filers to validate their identity or confirm that they have filed their return.

“We take personal information very seriously. We will not issue any refunds until we verify your identity,” Tax Commission Chairman Jeff McCray said. “Many taxpayers have not responded to our letters for several consecutive years. They miss out on the money that belongs to them.

All tax returns are subject to fraud detection reviews before the state issues refunds. If taxpayers receive a letter, they must immediately take the requested action. After validating their identity or confirming that they filed a return, refund processing will continue.

As part of its fraud detection, the Tax Commission partners with the IRS, other state tax agencies, tax practitioners, software developers and financial institutions to identify and share information on fraud and identity theft.

If a taxpayer receives an audit letter but has not filed a return, they could be a victim of identity theft. They can contact the Tax Commission for assistance with next steps.

For more information, visit Or call (208) 334-7660 in the Boise area or toll free at (800) 972-7660.

The deadline for filing 2021 tax returns is Monday, April 18.

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