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Previously, he found it difficult to physically sign documents and was pleasantly surprised when his insurance agent asked him to digitally sign through the Singpass app.

Mr. Kelwin See, a 26-year-old engineer, told The New Paper: “I had to provide my signature for my medical insurance documents and this digital signature feature came in handy. It was super quick and easy. “

He also shared that he liked the added convenience since many in-person meetings have been moved online due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Launched in October 2018, the Singpass app made it easier for users to access government digital services by scanning a QR code.

Now it also offers access to the private sector and has many useful features for more convenient transactions.

Digital signature, a new feature available since last November, allows users to digitally sign documents by scanning a QR code.

Mr See said he had downloaded the app since his national service days and used it to retrieve information about his central provident fund.

Through Singpass, users can transact with over 1,400 digital services provided by 340 government agencies and private organizations. More than 170 million transactions are carried out each year with Singpass.

Housewife Peggy Sia, 52, uses the Singpass app to verify the necessary information before applying for SkillsFuture courses.

“I remember scanning a QR code that allowed me to quickly access (and use) my SkillsFuture credits before class,” she said.

Ms. Sia is one of 2.5 million Singpass app users in March of this year.

In fact, over 70% of all Singpass transactions are done through the app, with the remaining 30% using two-factor authentication methods like the one-time SMS password.

Another popular two-factor authentication method is facial verification, which allows users to access digital services with a face scan against the government’s biometric database.

Ms. Wong Jue Ying, 25, who works in marketing, said, “I always use facial verification when logging into government services. It’s easy and I can just tap my webcam.”

She said she would ask her parents to download the Singpass app because “it’s a user-friendly app and they can access important information safely.”

Users of the app can also tap the digital wallet feature and use their digital ID card for identity verification at agencies and businesses that currently accept it. They can also view and customize their personal information from their Myinfo profile.

Mr. Terry Chua, a 28-year-old engineer, likes the app especially because of its inbox function.

He said: “It is a centralized portal for me to receive notifications from various government organizations. In fact, I was informed by the Immigration Authority and Checkpoints through my inbox that I had to renew my passport. “

Users can also be notified of their 2021 budget benefits and re-enrollment in NRIC from their inbox.


• Download the Singpass app from the App Store, Google Play Store or Huawei App Gallery. Check that the developer of the app is the “government technology agency”.

• Perform a quick one-time setup. If you haven’t set up your 2FA, select “Face Verification” to verify your identity when setting up the app.

• Start using the Singpass app for your daily transactions.

Scan this QR code to download your Singpass app

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