Trust Stamp Inc Advances Its Innovative Intellectual Property Portfolio

CEO Gareth Genner: “Trust Stamp’s strong privacy-focused patent portfolio protects the unique benefits of our product offerings and enables us to deliver unparalleled security, utility and privacy, at a fraction of the cost of traditional biometric solutions ”

Trust Stamp Inc (OTCQX: IDAI, EURONEXT: AIID) reports that it is advancing its innovative intellectual property portfolio.

In a statement, the company said the United States Patent and Trademark Office has authorized the issuance of two non-provisional U.S. patent applications as patents and issued a request for a third non-provisional U.S. patent application.

“Through our significant investment in research and development, Trust Stamp’s strong, privacy-focused patent portfolio protects the unique benefits of our product offerings and enables us to provide security, utility and privacy. unprecedented, at a fraction of the cost of traditional products. biometric solutions, ”said Gareth Genner, CEO of Trust Stamp (OTCQX: IDAI, EURONEXT: AIID), in a statement.

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“Our commitment to innovate in secure, privacy-focused identity verification and trust solutions has fueled our global and cross-industry growth as we identify and respond to the compounding challenges and changing demands of consumers to provide security. digital services and strengthen our competitive advantages in corporate security and fraud prevention, data protection and privacy, and affordability solutions, ”added Genner.

The company said its application for “Systems and Processes for Lossy Biometric Representations” was granted patent approval on December 9, 2021.

The invention protects biometric data through irreversible tokenization, a key differentiator of Trust Stamp’s innovative identity approach (OTCQX: IDAI, EURONEXT: AIID). This core technology cryptographically masks biometric information to provide a secure means of authentication that protects the privacy of individuals and mitigates potential damage due to loss or compromise of data.

The process encodes the biometric information through a neural network that destroys much of the source data, inserts a key, and transforms the resulting data to create an anonymized representation known as the Irreversibly Transformed Identity Token (IT2). Trust Stamp’s IT2 technology (OTCQX: IDAI, EURONEXT: AIID) can be applied to any data from any source, for accurate, protected, and small footprint identification and deduplication.

The company said the “Systems and Methods for Verification of Passive Matter in Digital Media” application was cleared for release on December 17, 2021, complementing Trust Stamp’s comprehensive presentation attack detection capabilities. with technology that detects the vividness of an individual’s photos or videos without requiring their active physical movement for a low friction user experience.

The company’s advanced proof-of-life algorithms provide a layered approach to block presentation attacks, to ensure that only the authorized person can access their accounts and sensitive data.

The company said the third application for “Vividness Verification Biometric Encryption Systems and Methods” was released on December 2, 2021.

This innovation builds on the security and fraud resistance of Trust Stamp’s proven biometric capture, tokenization and comparison technologies by determining whether biometric information is provided by an individual live or has been tampered with through methods including the use of printed images, recorded videos and face masks that modify the characteristics.

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