Time is running out to activate Facebook Protect: what happens if I don’t?

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most widely used social networks in the world. Almost all of us access a few times a day to update our profile or see what our friends are sharing, but sometimes overnight we have lost access to Meta’s social network. This could be due to Facebook Protectand we tell you why.

If you’re somewhat up-to-date with Facebook and its owner Meta, you’ll know that it’s been in the “eye of the hurricane” for a long time due to the security of the platform and all of its profiles. How could it be otherwise, the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg got to work, and that’s why it introduced Facebook Protect in its system, a more advanced security program which seeks to ensure the integrity of its users’ accounts. However, despite the fact that it works very well, it can be the cause of the (temporary) blocking of your account.

Why is Facebook Protect blocking your account?

Facebook Protect began to be introduced in the social network in 2019 following the election campaign in the United States. Its mission at the time was to further secure the accounts of candidates, members of the government or agencies of the country. Its use was so well received that the company decided to start gradually bring this program to all its users.

The “problem”, and what many people don’t know, is that activating Facebook Protect is totally mandatory. It is very likely that you received an email or a message when opening the application telling you that we need to activate this program to improve the security of your account. If so, be aware that in the same message it will indicate a deadline, and if you do not activate the program for that day, we will lose access to the account.

Message to activate Facebook Protect.

Don’t worry, it has a very simple solution

If this message has appeared or if the time limit for activating Facebook Protect has already passed, you should know that you just have to follow the steps indicated by the application. Although we have lost access to the account, this “lock” will last only until we activate the programso you shouldn’t worry if this is the case.

Basically what this program does is scan your account to see if it contains any significant vulnerabilities. This process causes the program to check two things: the security of our password Yes Whether or not we have two-step authentication enabled. Regarding the password, it is crucial that we always have one that is not too obvious or simple, so it is very important to think about a password that is difficult to obtain. If you can’t find any, you can always go to a website that generates strong passwords.

Facebook Protect activation process

This is the process to activate Facebook Protect.

Two-step authentication is another factor that will make our account more secure. The Meta social network offers us 3 options for this: an authenticator app, a text message (SMS) Is a security key. Once we have improved these two factors (or if our account was already sufficiently secure), we will already be in the Facebook Protect program and we can continue to interact with our account as usual. If you have any questions about the program or how it may affect your account, you can contact Facebook customer service.

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