Tier 1 Integrated Retailer Customers: FBR Could Announce Rs 1,000,000 First Prize

ISLAMABAD: To entice the general public to purchase from registered retailers only, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) may announce the first prize of Rs 1,000,000 for the lucky winner / customer of Level 1 integrated retailers.

Sources told Business Recorder on Sunday that the FBR had categorized the awards into four categories as part of the Tier 1 Integrated Retailer Buyer and Customer Award Program. As part of this, the FBR drafted a proposal for the customer of integrated level 1 brands. The first prize can be Rs 1,000,000 (one price); second prize Rs 500,000 (two prizes); the third prize of Rs 250,000 (four prizes) and the fourth prize of Rs 50,000 (1,000 prizes) can be announced.

The Level 1 Integrated Retailer Customer’s Computerized Prize Draw will be held monthly at the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) headquarters.

Customers of integrated tier 1 brands whose names and computerized national identity card (CNIC) numbers are notified by computerized drawing of lots will be entitled to prizes for their purchases from these major brands.

The RBF also announced that the person or company authorized by the Council will be doing mystery shopping on a random basis from Tier 1 retailers.

Level 1 retailer invoices: FBR specifies the use of Re1 service charge

Under the new regime, the regime will apply to customers of Level 1 retailers, who have integrated their retail outlets with the Commission’s computerized system for real-time sales reporting and mystery shopping. which concerns the verification of invoices from these retailers.

Customers should verify the electronically generated invoice from integrated retailers either through the “Tax Asaan” app or by texting 9966.

The application will inform the customer of the status of the invoice as “verified” or “unverified”.

In the event of a verified invoice, the customer must provide the following details to the online system only once, including the name; CNIC; and mobile number.

The names and CNICs of clients will be included in the computerized raffle as soon as the need is satisfied.

In the event of an unverified invoice, the customer must report it through the system. The council conducts an investigation and takes appropriate action under the relevant provisions of the law.

Level 1 retailers: Computerized prize draw that will take place each month: FBR

The computerized drawing of lots will take place the first week of each month from August 2021 at the headquarters of the FBR, and the invoices of the previous month will be entered in the drawing.

The winners of the draw will have to perform a biometric verification at the e-Sahulat facility closest to Nadra and submit a scanned copy on the “Tax Assan” application.

After successful biometric verification, winners will be required to provide their IBAN through the “Tax Asaan” app, the FBR maintained.

The FBR has also published a procedure for mystery shopping. Mystery shopping must be carried out by a person or the firm, duly authorized by the Council. The person or business authorized by the Council will conduct mystery shopping on a random basis from Tier 1 retailers.

The person or company authorized by the Council must verify invoices from the RBF online system and, in the event of a false or invalid invoice, report the problem to the Council for action in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Commission. the Sales Tax Act and rules. down there.

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