These Huawei mesh routers will solve your home WiFi problems once and for all, now at a spectacular discount

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Huawei WiFi Mesh 2 Pack is an advanced mesh network system so that you no longer have connection problems due to WiFi coverage or speed.

The solution to almost all your WiFi problems is about to be found. If you are one of the people for whom the WiFi signal reaches a room very badly because the router is too far away, mesh networks are there to help you and save you problems and above all a lot of money.

With mesh networks, you only need to place a small router that will repeat the signal and increase your coverage. And it’s not expensive at all like that Huawei Wi-Fi Mesh which now costs 89 euros.

Mesh WiFi system with 2 routers that covers up to 400 m2 of wireless connection so that no corner of your house is left without internet.

This mesh network system has 2 routers. You connect it to your current router, the old one that your operator installed for you at home and that it put where it suits him.

The second, the satellite, must be put in an intermediate point between the first and the most distant room or the one with the worst WiFi. In this way, it will repeat the WiFi signal so that the internet reaches you with better speed.

Best of all is that the installation is very simple with the Huawei application and you won’t have to change networks, they will configure themselves with the same name and your devices will “jump” between routers when they need them.

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This two-router system is capable of covering up to 400 m², more than sufficient for large houses or two-story houses.

If you have a Huawei or Android mobile, you can connect automatically using NFC technology. A simple click on any of them and it will share the network and password for instant connection.

Normally the price of these two routers is 179 euros, so you will save 90 euros thanks to Huawei’s offers during the Black Friday weeks.

Delivery is completely free and it will be shipped from Spain, so it won’t take long for your new routers to reach you.

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