The impact of artificial intelligence is the subject of a White House investigation

As the country recovers from the economic downturn from COVID-19, job interviews are accelerating even though many of us are working from home. Many of these interviews are conducted by videoconference. What some candidates at large organizations don’t know is that their interview is recorded and analyzed by artificial intelligence tools for voice and behavioral analysis. As a result, it is quite possible that a computer program powered by artificial intelligence would recommend rejecting a candidate. The emergence of the application of artificial intelligence in the daily lives of citizens has caught the attention of the White House. This article reviews a recent initiative by the White House Office of Science and Technology (OST) to gather information and public opinion on the deployment of artificial intelligence.

The federal government often collects information on a specialized topic through a request for public information (RFI). As a result of this procedure, the Office of the President responsible for science and technology policy issued a RFI on the uses of biometric technologies by the public and private sectors on October 8, 2021.. The public has been invited to submit information on current deployments, pilot projects and future proposals in the field of biometric technologies. Specifically, RFI researched data on the use of these technologies for identity verification, recognition of individuals, and inference of attributes, including mental and emotional states.

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