Student Identity Verification Options in Online Courses

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Individual or small group interviews

Individual or small group interviews between students and instructors/teaching assistants provide the opportunity to really test a student’s understanding of the course material. Instructors could also spot-check that surveyed students have full knowledge of their own work throughout the term, ensuring that students have indeed completed all assignments that have been turned in. This method requires students to present information and “think on their feet”. to answer questions in real time.

Instructors can interview students using private sessions on Zoom. During these sessions, the instructor and student can video stream each other, view and use an interactive whiteboard, and access uploaded materials. Instructors must verify the identity of students by checking IDs at the start of the session.

Supervised written homework

Many instructors require end-of-term projects or major writing assignments instead of final exams. This can easily translate into a supervised setting. Depending on the size and nature of the end-of-term project, it may be completed entirely in a supervised setting (as in the case of an essay) or partially in a supervised setting. For example, while students may complete most of the work on a larger project on their own, they may complete additional written work related to this major work under supervised conditions.

Supervised written assignments require students to have an intimate knowledge of the course material, major work done (if any), and what the course was intended to accomplish.

Options include:

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