SMART unveils new features for more integrated and durable interactive displays

New hardware from SMART Technologies offers industry-leading scalability and increased security, functionality and longevity

CALGARY, Alta., January 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SMART Technologies, the edtech company with a 35-year track record of pioneering learning solutions that enable millions of educators to make connections that matter, will debut at the Future of Education Technology Conference ( FETC) with an array of innovative features to support schools around the world with sustainable, connected and active learning.

SMART Technologies unveils new interactive displays with updated features.

SMART is pleased to announce new interactive displays that will include these new and updated features:

  • Built-in microphone array: providing high quality audio capture for clear sound in any learning environment

  • NFC connection: allowing teachers to connect with a tap of a card for easy, fast and secure access to their personalized setup

  • Industry-leading scalability: ability to live upgrade to Android 11, meaning that investments made today with available funds will not require schools to spend more to maintain top-of-the-line functionality in the future

  • Up to 40 touchpoints: delivering the most seamless and robust multi-user experience ever – with SMART’s best touch and inking

  • Two full 65W USB-C ports: connect any USB-C device to your SMART display for video, audio, touch, data and charging with a single cord

  • Environmental sustainability: longer overall product life and an automated update process that does not require the purchase of new screens or parts

  • Greater security: Privacy and security are fundamental design principles of SMART products. Android 11 further protects teacher and student data by providing secure storage and better management of app permissions

SMART’s latest interactive panels now offer industry-leading expandability, giving users a simple and environmentally friendly way to upgrade displays without the need to purchase anything new or provide upgrades. labour-intensive manual work. It also means that investments made today with available funds will not require schools to spend more to maintain top-of-the-line functionality. iQ, SMART’s purpose-built Android-based platform, offers exceptionally robust and easy-to-use features designed for education. The continued development of internal features of SMART for iQ – based on feedback from teachers and education managers – means that current technology investments will continue to meet the changing needs of teachers and classrooms while simplifying tasks for IT and support functions.

All the latest 6000S and MX panels will support Android 11 when this live update is released later this year.

“Today’s teaching and learning experience depends on the seamless integration of technology,” said SMART’s CEO. Nicolas Svensson. “It drives us to create the highest quality products that give teachers more teaching time to foster learning and build the connections and relationships that matter most. District leaders can also feel safe in their investment knowing that SMART offers greater security, functionality and longevity to accompany them sustainably over the long term.”

With no subscription or additional fees, SMART interactive displays help teachers deliver lessons smoothly and efficiently, working with student devices. Students can easily connect and collaborate with course materials on iQ Whiteboard from any web browser on any device, including using tools for student annotation and contribution. Students can also easily use browser-based SMART Mirror screen sharing to share student work on the SMART Board. With full teacher control over what content is shared and by whom, screen sharing with SMART is secure and works on any network setup with iOS®The Windows® and Android devices, including Chromebooks that use Google Cast. Students can interact with the content and send their comments and ideas to the screen, wherever they are.

To foster greater interactivity inside and outside the classroom, the latest SMART interactive displays additionally feature a built-in microphone array, two full 65W USB-C ports, NFC connectivity and up to at 40 touchpoints. With these features and more, the 6000S and MX V3 panels are simple to deploy, install, implement and adopt.

Tested and optimized to work anywhere in any classroom, the new built-in microphone array provides high-quality audio capture for clear sound in any learning environment, allowing teachers connect even more easily with students by capturing lessons for later review, video conferencing, and more.

SMART Board 6000S displays will allow teachers to connect with a single tap of an NFC card for easy, fast and secure access to their personalized configuration. No more typing long passwords in front of the class. With their favorite tools and custom settings easily accessible, including files and lessons, cloud storage, apps, tagged favorites, and custom widgets, teachers can quickly start teaching as soon as they tap on their card.

About SMART Technologies Inc.
SMART is a global leader in educational technology, providing interconnected solutions to help everyone discover and develop the greatness within. The first SMART Board was launched in 1991 and continued to innovate with SMART Notebook®, the world’s most popular collaborative learning software, and with Lumio, the award-winning cloud-based learning software. With a full range of products used by millions of teachers and students around the world, SMART creates connections that matter. To learn more, visit



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