Simple Steps to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Your Google Account

Staying online is one of the most important things today. Most apps and websites offer the option to enable two-factor authentication, as it is no longer enough to have a strong password for every digital account. This gives the user the ability to verify their connection and allows for an additional layer of security. Two-factor authentication typically requires a code sent via SMS or a code generated by a particular app, such as Duo. This security measure reduces the risk of hacking or abuse.

If you have enabled two-factor authentication, you must enter the password correctly before entering the code. Google We also offer a variety of two-factor authentication methods, but the easiest to enable is the Google Prompt. Once this is activated, every time you log into a new or unknown device, the tech giant will send you a prompt by phone and you will not be able to log into your account until you confirm it. ‘prompt. With an unknown device.

To enable two-factor authentication on Google, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open any internet browser and search for https: //

Step 2: In the left column of the homepage, you have the option to read security.

Step 3: Access a new page with the option “2-step validation”. Click on

Step 4: You will see a pop-up window,[開始]You must click on the tab to confirm the activation

Step 5: A new window will open asking you to enter your Gmail password for security reasons

Step 6: Once done, go to a new page where you need to select the device to invite

Step 7: After checking the device,[試してみる]Click the tab to see if two-factor authentication works

Step 8:[バックアップフィールド]Make sure you have confirmed the phone number on the tab

Step 9: The code will be sent to your mobile number by SMS. Enter it and click Next

Step 10: On another page[オンにする]Click to enable two-factor authentication. Once done, two-factor authentication will be enabled on your Google account.

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Simple Steps to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Your Google Account

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