Plurilock files patent on continuous multi-device authentication with behavioral biometrics

Plurilock seeks intellectual property protection for continuous authentication technology using behavioral biometrics across various devices operated by the same user.

A non-provisional patent application has been filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a “cross-device user identity validation based on behavioral signal fidelity”, intended for work environments where multiple devices need to be secured, such as a laptop and a mobile device, says Plurilock.

The patent application covers a system for applying Plurilock’s existing continuous authentication to the device currently in use when users change which they are working on. It follows one of two provisional patents filed last March and revealed in April. The patent applications related to forensic analysis of insider threats with behavioral biometrics and expanding the application of its behavioral biometrics for remote work environments.

The development of the technology aims to support changes to passwordless access with zero-trust security. Continuous risk scoring helps lock down the device if high-risk activity is detected and defend against insider threats, according to the announcement.

Plurilock CEO Ian L. Paterson Recount Biometric update in an e-mail that the technology is based on the analysis of signals collected from different sources. “The higher the degree of confidence in one or more behavioral signals, the more likely the user is to be authentic. Thus, based on one of the devices confirming the identity of the user, another associated device to this user can inherit the user’s identity under certain conditions, for example, when the devices are close to each other.

“As the cyberthreat continues to grow, Plurilock continuously relies on our industry-leading zero-trust identity technology to address the security challenges businesses face,” Paterson comments in the announcement. “This patent aligns with the company’s strategy to strengthen our competitive edge and improve usability for continuous identity confirmation across all devices.”

Plurilock also granted stock options to new employees and an advisor, for a total of 624,400 common shares at an exercise price of CA$0.37 (US$0.30) each, acquired over four years.

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