OPPO launches new free NFC smartwatch

At a launch event, OPPO launched a number of products, namely the new Reno7 series. To stay in the competition, it has also launched new smart devices, including the smart watch. OPPO launches the new free NFC smartwatch.

In September of this year, OPPO launched a smartwatch with a built-in NFC. The new smartwatch as the name suggests is the variant of the previous one without NFC function. The watch was to be launched at a price of 94 USD (599 yuan). The watch has all the features of a normal smart watch, namely sleep monitoring, heart rate tracking, more than 100 sport modes, e-sport mode.

The technical characteristics of the smart watch are the same as those of the previous model. The display of the watch is 1.64 inch AMOLED. The screen is large with curved edges which allows for easy viewing. The battery capacity is 230mAh, which according to the company’s claim can provide a charge for up to 14 days, in power saving mode.

The feature presented by the OPPO smart watch series is the NFC functionality. The NFC function means that you can use it to make electronic payments with electronic wallets. Near Field Communication (NFC) technology enables the user to perform secure transactions, exchange digital content and connect electronic devices with one touch. This is the contactless card technology. But in the daily routine it is not very practical. The large screen is a more requested and appreciated feature, as trying to check the recording of sleep, steps taken or any other exercise performed is easily viewed.

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