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To begin the course development process, an online course proposal will need to be submitted through Curriculog. This proposal represents the initial request to develop a course with the insight and support of the Office of Digital Learning. The course proposal will need to be approved by the Head of Department, College Dean, Provost’s Office, and Office of Digital Learning.

Access the online course approval form

Step 1: Access the Curriculog portal

2nd step: Log in using your NetID and password.

Step 3: Click it +New proposal button.

Step 4: To select Approve Delivery Online Course to review the proposal process.

Step 5: Click the checkmark next to Approve Delivery Online Course to start the proposal.

Preparing for the Online Course Approval Form

The online course approval form will ask for course details such as class name, number, department, course description, typical offerings, and expected enrollment per semester. You will also be asked to answer questions about the following details specific to the online course:

  • Why should this course be offered online? You can focus on pedagogy, enrollment management, scheduling, and other considerations that impact student success.
  • Will the class be offered asynchronously or synchronously? [Note: Currently only asynchronous courses are eligible for course development with the Office of Digital Learning.]
  • All online courses must assign one assessment or identity verification experience per course. You must include your scheduled identity verification assessment in the online course approval form; however, this rating may change once you begin course development. You can learn more about this requirement by visiting the Provost’s Office webpage on Student Identity Verification for Online Courses.
  • What are your initial plans for student engagement and communication? This can include online chats, virtual office hours, optional Zoom meetings, group activities, etc.

Get Approval

The course proposal will need to be approved by the Head of Department, College Dean, Provost’s Office, and Office of Digital Learning. The following will be among the details considered when approving proposals:

  • Enrollment forecast: Will this course serve a large number of students?
  • Bottleneck Status: Will creating online offerings of this course help alleviate bottlenecks where students cannot progress through their programs until they complete this course ?
  • Resources available: Are there sufficient staff and resources in the Office of Digital Learning to assist in the development of this course for the proposed target semester?


If you would like to learn more about the online course development process or have any questions, please contact the Office of Digital Learning.

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