NFC Ratings: Commanders, Eagles, Giants

“I feel really comfortable [in that position]”, said Holcomb. “I called the defense all last year. I had some of that responsibility the previous year. I feel like I’ve grown a lot to be comfortable in those situations.


Eagles S Marcus Epps is excited about the signing of CB by the team James Bradberry and thinks he’ll give their defense a boost.

“It’s huge,” Epps said, via NBC Sports’ Dave Zangaro. “Any time we can add a player like that it will boost any team. He’s a very good player. I’ve been proving he’s a good player in this league for a while now so I’m really nice to meet him and really happy to work with him.

BC Eagles Avonte Maddox believes the team had a strong draft class and put together a “very competitive group” this offseason.

“I think it’s a pretty good draft class and the guys they brought in as free agents,” Maddox said. “It’s a very competitive group and I can’t wait to see how it goes, going to camp and OTAs. All of these players are able to compete. You bring players to compete and that’s a good thing because it pushes everyone to improve.

Eagles LB TJ Edwards reiterated that Philadelphia added “very large pieces” to the team and is now focused on finding everyone’s roles.

“It’s awesome,” Edwards said. “We just add really big chunks to that. Now it’s pretty much everyone finding their role and fitting in and also making sure that we focus on the details and one day at a time because I think we have all these great players and guys who play really good football but you have to come and put it all together in a way that we want it to look like. I think it’s exciting.


Indiana LB Micah McFadden was considered a second-day draft pick, but slipped in the fifth round and was selected by the Giants. He was always enthusiastic about his selection and believes he now has even more to prove, citing his footballing past as motivation.

“I think it just puts a chip on your shoulder,” McFadden said via “You know, you want to improve and you want to, everybody wants to play, and kind of being overlooked like that, it makes you want to play even more and it makes you go harder. I haven’t played in high school until my freshman year, and you know, I was kinda neglected at an early age, but yeah, definitely I’d been playing football every year since I was six. I just wasn’t I would say once I got to college, the coaches sort of made it easy for me, and I played pretty much like a peak rusher through my junior year, and it just allowed me to run and hit people and just play fast. That’s kind of what changed.

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