News summary: Big names are turning to mobile ID technology

It’s been a big week for mobile identity tech, with a big bank, a national government, and a global tech brand appearing in this week’s collection of Mobile ID World’s Top Stories.

The bank in question is one of the largest in Canada – BMO, or Bank of Montreal, which this week became the latest major financial institution to adopt biometric integration based on selfies. Canadian customers can now prove their identity remotely by uploading a selfie and images of their official ID, BMO’s app using facial recognition to match the two:

BMO Launches Selfie Integration Service

The aforementioned government, meanwhile, is that of the United Kingdom, which is planning to develop a digital identity app to give citizens easy access to electronic government services. The UK government’s digital service garnered considerable attention from Mobile ID World readers this week with its procurement notice indicating that it is seeking a technology partner for the project:

UK government seeks tech partner for new identity verification app

The globally recognized WhatsApp was also in the spotlight this week thanks to detectives at XDA Developers, which led to the discovery of code in a beta version of a WhatsApp upgrade that suggests that a future version of WhatsApp Pay will require identity verification by end users. . It’s a bit speculative, but it could indicate the launch of WhatsApp Pay in new jurisdictions with more stringent KYC requirements:

Code suggests WhatsApp Pay could start asking users for proof of identity

In other FinTech news, IPification captured the interest of readers this week with the announcement that it would provide a mobile anti-fraud solution to Cambodia’s ABA bank. The IPification solution, which revolves around verifying IP addresses against SIM card and phone number information, will replace a security system based on one-time passwords:

IPification provides integration services for Cambodian bank

And finally, readers flocked to a feature of Mobile ID World on accelerating the adoption of biometric technology in security keys. Fingerprint-readable security keys are now starting to hit the commercial market and could represent the next big wave of key-based multi-factor authentication:

How biometric technology is revolutionizing security keys


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