Neurotechnology Gives Developers More Options With Updated MegaMatcher On Card SDK

Neurotechnology has released an updated version of its MegaMatcher On Card SDK. As the name suggests, the MegaMatcher On Card platform is designed to enable various forms of biometric authentication on the latest generation of smart cards.

In this regard, MegaMatcher On Card SDK 12 offers more biometric flexibility than typical on-card authentication options, which tend to limit a user to a single fingerprint. The new MegaMatcher SDK, meanwhile, comes with face and iris recognition algorithms in addition to fingerprint recognition. It’s also capable of storing (and matching) multiple fingerprints on a single card, thanks to the introduction of a new 1-to-N match extension.

According to Neurotechnology, the 1-to-N extension will make life easier for system integrators, who will no longer have to bind a specific fingerprint to each application. Instead, users will be able to add multiple prints to the same card and use the one that works best for them each time they need to use the card to verify their identity. The utility allows people to use the card even if a hand is full or a finger is wrapped in a bandage.

On the face recognition front, MegaMatcher On Card 12 features an optimized algorithm that significantly reduces the computational footprint of on-card facial authentication. Each face template is now less than 256 bytes, allowing operators to transfer a template to a smart card as single, discrete data. Neurotechnology believes the technology will reduce the time it takes to complete a match and allow developers to use faces instead of fingerprints in third-party apps.

Smart cards built with the MegaMatcher On Card platform can perform biometric matching on the microcontroller of the card itself. The latest SDK comes with sample code and tutorials to support fingerprint integrations on NXP’s JCOP4 cards. Neurotechnology, meanwhile, has indicated that MegaMatcher On Card is now deployed on 130 million cards and Secure Elements.

Neurotechnology first unveiled MegaMatcher 12 in September 2020, and then updated all of the platform’s biometric algorithms in January of this year. The company has also released a mobile version of its image recognition product.

November 30, 2021 – by Eric Weiss

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