Mitek Appoints Chris Briggs as Product Manager

Mitek announced that industry veteran Chris Briggs has been appointed Chief Product Officer to expand and advance the company’s biometric and fraud detection capabilities.

Briggs will lead Mitek’s product strategy, including integrations arising from recent and future acquisitions. The announcement comes at a pivotal time as the industry rapidly moves to empower consumers to control their own wearable identities.

The identity industry is growing exponentially as consumers continue to choose digital. Over the past few years, Mitek has invested heavily in organic product development and inorganic acquisitions in the areas of biometrics and identity orchestration. Over the past year, Mitek has acquired UK-based Know Your Customer (KYC) technology pioneer HooYu and award-winning AI-based voice and facial biometrics provider ID R&D. The combination of these technologies helps organizations throughout the identity lifecycle, from onboarding to continuous authentication. Using Mitek technology, customers can now link document verification and biometric authentication with other real-time data, such as credit bureau and sanction database checks, to get that true identity. of the consumer.

“Having a seasoned veteran to lead the integrations of these investments is a natural next step for Mitek as the company innovates to help organizations onboard more consumers, faster, and streamline the digital experience for businesses. and consumers,” said Max Carnecchia, CEO of Mitek. . “We are thrilled to have Chris join the Mitek team.”

Briggs brings with it more than 25 years of experience deploying mission-critical products for technology, data and analytics services companies such as Experian, Equifax and, most recently, Airside Mobile. At Mitek, he will execute his vision to protect consumers and help businesses measure risk in a landscape of ever-changing government regulations. Working closely with customers, partners and consumers, Briggs will lead the development of innovative solutions that evolve with an increasingly digital world to provide adequate protections for sensitive customer data.

“There are other actors working to make a name for themselves in the identity space; however, Mitek’s demonstrated success in executing its development plans was a key driver in my decision to join the team,” Briggs said. “I am honored to work alongside other leaders with a clear vision for taming the wild west of the identity industry and the right capabilities, tools and support to achieve those goals.”

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