Mint Mobile data breach allowed attacker to port phone numbers

Carrier Mint Mobile has revealed that it was the victim of a data breach, which allowed a number of customer phone numbers to be transferred to another carrier, as well as possible access to subscriber data.

An email sent to affected customers by Mint Mobile on Saturday reveals that there has been a breach of the carrier’s systems. The breach, which occurred between June 8 and 10, reveals that “a very small number of Mint Mobile subscriber phone numbers were affected by the incident.

According to Mint, the phone numbers associated with the accounts have been “temporarily transferred to another operator without authorization,” reports Beeping computer. Mint also admits that the attacker may have had access to certain account information, including names, phone numbers, email addresses, passwords, and account numbers.

Mint did not specify how the breach happened, but it was likely a compromise of an application used by customer service agents. The operator advises customers who receive the email to change their account password and be vigilant of other accounts that use the phone number for two-factor authentication purposes. .

The attack on the carrier is the latest to demonstrate the need for high security for customer support systems. At the end of June, Microsoft confirmed that the hacking group suspected of being behind the SolarWinds breaches had used the computer of a compromised customer service agent to steal information, which was later used to attack customers of Microsoft.

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