LA Rams takes on shy quarterback Jared Goff in Week 7

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There is a clear and complete difference between east coast and west coast football. Perhaps nowhere else does this difference contrast more with the North Division of the NFC and the West Division of the NFC. Right now, LA Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford is showing courage and determination and showing how it can make a difference.

Sadly, the Detroit Lions have quarterback Jared Goff, who has yet to toughen up on the football field, or off the football field for that matter. And after losing a game to the Cincinnati Bengals by a very lopsided score of 34-11, the gloves came off. What was supposed to happen on the football field is now taking place on social media.

Jared Goff, the Detroit Lions starting quarterback, has been sacked 15 times in just six games, a rampage rate that eclipses the 33 quarterback sacks he suffered in 2018. And when he feels the pressure from the quarterback, he shows signs of panic. Detroit fans, the media and even former players don’t like this to happen. Right now they are more than happy to talk about it.

Goff is set to face a team that can reach the quarterback. Early and often.

For five years, LA Rams fans had to fight for the “Is this Goff or is this the team?” Nagging question that never really gave an obvious answer. In the modern NFL mantra of creating a plan to give players the chance to succeed, the team allowed a young quarterback to develop into a system that required him to simply read and follow the script.

While the Rams have found great success in the process, it was also short-sighted. A young quarterback of Jared Goff was overprotected. He never got dirty. He was never left to improvise. He was never left with overwhelming obstacles where he had to find it within himself to find a way to win on his own. Rather, he spent his time finding ways not to fail. He has become very adept at avoiding bags.

You can bet the pressure is coming for the quarterback this week.

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