Innovation in Identity Verification: eSIM, Mobile Network Data and Black Market Analysis

New digital identity verification systems and features strengthen the security of eSIM integration, verify mobile network operator records as an additional source of data on a potential customer, and even analyze black market and other databases to define a risk score.

Innovatrics and Softec partners will offer eSIM integration

Innovatrics and Softec software developers continue their partnership with the launch of a cloud-based identity verification service for mobile operators that uses e-SIM technology and remote integration.

The new product, called, is a cloud-based solution for telecom operators to onboard customers for eSIMs rather than the traditional SIM cards that are inserted into the handset. The approach could save on costs and allows a user to have an additional mobile subscription as well as the physical SIM line. It could also allow the growth of fully virtual operators that can onboard customers entirely remotely.

The product can be integrated into the systems of a telecommunications company and is already secure and compliant with KYC and GDPR digital requirements. Users submit an image of their ID and then undergo biometric facial verification of their identity.

GBG updates identity verification with mobile network data to fight fraud

GBG has integrated mobile network operator (MNO) data into its digital identity verification solutions to help businesses strengthen their fraud prevention strategies and improve customer decision making.

The Mobile Signal Intelligence system works in real time to fight originator fraud and increase people match rates. It brings three data verifications described as “Mobile to Person Match, Sim Swap Timestamp (the time the SIM card was last changed) and Mobile Number Verify (secure and frictionless user authentication)” . The Mobile to Person Match uses data from MNO sources such as name, address and date of birth.

APIs can integrate with all major carriers in UK and France and more countries will be added over the next 12 months.

“A mobile phone number is personal to an individual and often stays with them longer than their address or identity document, so having access to this data can give businesses greater confidence in verifying an individual,” as well as providing an additional layer of information to spot fraudsters. activity ”, comments Gus Tomlinson, Chief Product Officer EMEA at GBG.

GBG was one of ten biometrics providers recently announced in the UK Home Office’s forensic border verification trial, which will see visitors submit facial and fingerprint biometrics.

IDenfy’s Fraud Detection and Black Market Analysis Tool

iDenfy has developed a fraud scoring tool to help financial institutions detect attempted fraud on complex transactions between financial institutions, merchants and customers.

The product will scan databases and even the “black market” to see if a card has been involved in criminal activity, to provide a risk score. In addition to checking the name, address, email, phone number and IP address, it can also check the usage records of a mobile device to determine if it is involved in any recent criminal activity.

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