Ingram Micro unit to distribute Jumio selfie, KYC biometrics to distribution partners

Jumio has entered into a distribution agreement with Ingram Micro and its Emerging Business Group to market and deliver end-to-end Biometric Identity Verification and Remote Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions to supplier distribution partners IT giant in the United States and Latin America.

Ingram Micro Emerging business group was established in 2020 to provide cutting-edge services and specialized technologies to channel partners. The partnership gives these partners access to Jumio’s AI-based technologies for user biometric verification, fraud detection and compliance with KYC and anti-money laundering (AML), which provide definitive yes or no answers in seconds to help businesses improve conversion rates, according to the ad.

Jumio recently surpassed 1 million identity checks per day with its selfie biometrics, and recently added iProov’s liveliness detection to its KYX platform in April.

“We are delighted that our alliance with Ingram Micro is helping position Jumio to better meet the business needs of our channel partners and expand our reach, sales and technical activation resources,” said Dean Hickman-Smith, Chief Revenue Officer by Jumio.

Partners contributed 56% more to Jumio’s revenue in 2020 than in 2019, the company reported.

“We are pleased to play an increasingly important role in Jumio’s go-to-market strategy,” said Donald Scott, director of supplier management for the emerging business group, Ingram Micro. “Together with our channel partners, we simplify complex technologies and put technology to work for businesses of all sizes.”

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