Incode selected by a hotel group to develop transparent processes with biometrics

Incode Technologies has been selected by a global luxury hotel company Jumeirah Group to innovate in the customer experience and reduce time-consuming processes through biometrics.

The partnership will span the entire hotel or resort experience to deliver seamless experiences, with fully automated biometric identity verification of guests and associates with Jumeirah One accounts, and biometric contactless payments without using any physical payment card. A digital ID is automatically created for each guest from previously collected IDs and payment sources, after which a guest can manage every interaction of their trip with their facial biometrics.

Identity-centric travel is described in the announcement as comprising processes from booking on, to accessing a digital key, to ordering amenities and room service.

Jumeirah Group operates 24 properties in 8 countries.

“Time is precious to our customers and so we are constantly looking for ways to make their experience as seamless as possible so they can maximize their time with loved ones,” comments Pedro Deakin, SVP Brand & Design at Jumeirah Group. “Through our new partnership with Incode, we will leverage the system’s personal recognition capabilities and connectivity so that our internal systems can intuitively personalize the customer experience based on shopping behavior and recorded personal preferences, building trust and strengthening ties.”

“We are honored to have the opportunity to partner with Jumeirah Group – visionaries of luxury guest experience – to usher in a new generation of highly curated and personalized services,” said Ricardo Amper, Founder and CEO of Incode. “Together, we’ve created an experience that delivers the ‘wow’ factor, creating ‘aha’ moments at every touchpoint of the customer journey. By reshaping and removing friction between these experiences, we build trust and create delight between hotels and their guests. »

Fast Company honors ‘World Changing Idea’

Incode was also named one of Fast Company’s ten finalists. World Changing Ideas Award for established businesses, for its next-generation identity verification solution.

In a Publish On Incode’s website, Senior Vice President Kevin Sheu outlines current market failures and his company’s vision for easier interactions, while ensuring trust and preserving privacy.

Incode’s biometrics have recently been adopted to improve the security of soccer matches in Mexico.

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