iDenfy provides remote integration technology for JobHireHub

Lithuanian identity verification experts iDenfy have announced a partnership with the freelance recruiting platform JobHireHub with the aim of making it easier for its clients to authenticate the identity of freelancers they wish to hire remotely and more secure.

Through the new partnership, JobHireHub will use iDenfy’s predominantly facial recognition-based remote identity verification technology to ensure that freelancers on their platform are who they claim to be, which will enable them to be more easily recruited by companies looking for their services.

The mission of the JobHireHub platform is to make it easier for businesses to connect with freelance talent, with a focus on charging low fees to both the business looking to hire and the individual. looking for a contract.

“JobHireHub’s mission is to create the ultimate project planning and hiring platform for remote working,” said Kenley Lamaute, Founder of JobHireHub. “We appreciate iDenfy’s partnership to help us provide a cost-effective and easy-to-use tool that helps our clients build their project teams. “

IDenfy’s technology compares a user’s photo on their official ID to a selfie, matching the biometric information in the two to authenticate their identity.

“It seems only natural that JobHireHub has chosen us as partners and we are very happy to welcome them on board,” said Domantas Ciulde, CEO of iDenfy. “She and iDenfy share a vision of a user-friendly customer experience first. I can predict a strong and long term partnership, ”he added.

This is the latest announcement in what has been a busy time for iDenfy, having recently announced that its platform now supports NFC capabilities, allowing it to read and extract biometric data from NFC compatible smartphones, which means that it can now support all identity documents adhering to the global standard ICAO 9303.

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