Ideal Innovations launches on-demand facial biometrics services

Ideal Innovations Inc. (I3) has launched a unique or subscription-based biometric facial comparison service aimed at jurisdictions where restrictions or bans are placed on facial recognition and where law enforcement may not have qualified personnel to manage this work, may be overworked or may be tackling a particularly complex file.

The company launched the Face Center of Excellence (FaCE) to provide facial examination training to civilian and military law enforcement and intelligence communities in 2015. The Center has grown, with its experts related biometrics providing facial comparisons via Analysis, Comparison, Assessment and Verification (ACE-V) as well as morphological analysis methodologies.

FaCE has now expanded with the launch of a suite of Faced with demand biometric services.

It is possible to carry out either an investigative comparison (500 USD for a single investigation) or a more in-depth comparison at the forensic level (1000 USD), for example for court cases. Experts are also available for court appearances. Monthly and annual subscriptions are available.

As I3 targets the new on-demand solution in areas that may lack the resources to handle facial recognition law enforcement work, the situation across the United States is complex as the home state company, Virginia, for example, is effectively reversing its ban on law enforcement use of facial recognition.

I3 experts perform comparisons based on the biometrics field’s standard analysis, comparison, evaluation and verification (ACE-V) and morphological analysis methodologies, according to the announcement.

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