HyperVerge joins the NIST FRVT Paperless Travel Leaderboard

BENGALERU, India, February 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HyperVerge, a Silicon Valley-based artificial intelligence company that provides KYC solutions, recently announced that it ranked fourth in the world for contactless passenger travel, tied with the top three National Institute of Standards (NIST) FRVT Paperless Travel algorithms ranking. This confirms that HyperVerge’s facial recognition technology is among the most advanced on the market.

Among identity verification companies, HyperVerge is well ahead of its competitors in all geographies in which they operate. Globally, it has overtaken some big companies like NTech Labs, Clearview AI, Incode and NEC. Their scores are currently tied with Paravision, SenseTime & VisionLabs. They rank 1st in India & SEA, 2nd in the United States & Europeand 3rd away China.

In addition to this benchmark, HyperVerge’s facial recognition systems can compare a face against hundreds of millions of records in real time. These breakthroughs enable HyperVerge to power multiple use cases for its customers

  • As airports slowly move towards contactless travel for passengers, HyperVerge is well positioned to become a global leader in kiosk-based self-check-in leveraging facial biometrics. They ranked in the top 10 worldwide on FRVT 1:N’s “Visa Kiosk” ranking, in addition to ranking 4th on the Paperless Travel ranking.
  • They can power fully automated Pay-by-Face solutions at kiosks and point-of-sale that require incredibly high reliability.
  • Banks, digital lenders, securities and brokerage houses, crypto exchanges can detect fraud with increased accuracy when onboarding new consumers.

On top of that, HyperVerge is also only 1 of 3 companies in the world with ISO-30107 Level 1 certification by iBeta for its unique Image Liveness Module.

HyperVerge’s rankings on the NIST FRVT Rankings can be found at FRVT Paperless Travel and more analysis on their submission here.

About HyperVerge

HyperVerge is a leading provider of identity verification and KYC solutions. It has verified over 500 million identities to date. HyperVerge’s AI models lead the market in precision and recall values, fine-tuned for deployments in low-bandwidth environments. Their deep learning networks drive applications for large enterprise customers in industries such as BFSI, crypto, telecommunications, e-commerce, and more.

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