Hogwarts Legacy ‘will have transgender character creation options: report

In an effort to push the creator away from his universe, according to Bloomberg sources working on Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy, the game will include options to create a transgender character as a hero.

This move comes after years of Harry Potter author JK Rowling expressing anti-trans feelings, which upset those who work on the game, who instead tried to make it as inclusive as possible (although in the end, Rowling will still be paid for the project).

This type of inclusion is present in the character creator, where players can match a male or female voice to any body type and then just have to choose later if they’re a ‘witch or wizard’, which will determine their placement in the dormitory.

We’ve seen this more often in video games lately, the ability to match male or female voices to any body type, or the ability to designate any gender in the creator (or none). . This can lead to complications at times (Cyberpunk 2077’s various romance options seem to have issues with this system), but overall that’s the direction most games take with character creators, separating the genre from appearance. While obviously it’s particularly noteworthy that this happens in the Harry Potter game, given JK Rowling’s past comments.

What I also find important about this story is that this is not an official Warner Bros. announcement. but from an apparently past leak directly to Jason Schreier. While it looks like this customization option is now in the game, as it’s now common knowledge, they can’t very well go back and remove it as it would look terrible. Schreier says that “everything can change” before the game’s release, but the idea is that after this leak, it really can’t. WB has no comment on any of this at this time for the Bloomberg story, I have contacted them once again and will update if I have any news.

The Harry Potter game would be at least a year away, so we won’t see how it all plays out for some time, although maybe some of them will be showcased in earnest this year. The Harry Potter brand isn’t in great shape right now following Rowling’s frequent comments, but it’s still multibillion-dollar intellectual property, and games, movies and more continue to be developed for her.

We’ll see if this recent development is made official anytime soon, but given how little we’ve seen of the game so far, it seems unlikely, although it can be incorporated into a bigger list of reveals once the game is released. game will begin to broadcast. full.

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