Handy: Over 100 changes and features of macOS Monterey [Video]

Now that the macOS 12 Monterey public beta is live, it’s a good time to determine whether or not you’ll upgrade to Apple’s latest beta update for Mac. While I absolutely do not recommend running Monterey on a production machine that is used for work, you can install Monterey on a spare machine or a separate APFS volume. Watch our how-to video as I walk through over 100 macOS Monterey changes and features.

Before moving on to the video, I wanted to take the time to select a few of my favorite features from the macOS Monterey beta. These features don’t appear in any particular order, and there are other important additions that I plan to cover in a future compact presentation of macOS 12. Feel free to share your top Monterey features in the comments section at bottom of this article.

AirPlay on Mac

Being able to use your Mac as an AirPlay destination without requiring third-party software is finally a reality in macOS 12. With AirPlay on Mac, users can quickly mirror an iPhone or iPad screen and even use extended mode for apps, like LumaFusion, which supports it. argue.

Thanks to Monterey, you can also stream AirPlay movies to the Mac or use your Mac as an AirPlay speaker. The latter is especially useful when playing on the iMac’s speakers, but even MacBooks sound a lot better than the iPhone.

Video: changes and features of macOS Monterey

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macOS Monterey is the first version of macOS to feature a dedicated Passwords panel in System Preferences. This means you no longer have to venture into Safari preferences to view and manage passwords.

Better yet, support for one-time passwords, one of my favorite new features in iOS 15, is making its way to the Mac. This change allows you to configure and use multi-factor authentication codes without having to rely on a third-party authenticator app. If, like most of us, you regularly sign in to services that use two-factor authentication, the native one-time password can save you a considerable amount of time when paired with Touch ID.

System-wide translation

Last year’s Big Sur update brought native web page translation to Safari for the first time, but macOS Monterey dramatically improves translation services by providing system-wide translation accessible from anywhere. what application. You can even read the translated text audio and switch between languages ​​on the fly. System-wide translation also allows users to easily copy or replace foreign text with translated text.

Safari tab groups

Safari in macOS 12 has met with a lukewarm, if not negative, response from many users, and I can understand some of the frustration with the current tab behavior in Monterey. While I recognize some of the areas where Apple can improve the Safari experience, especially when it comes to menu placement, I’ve grown to like the consolidated tab / address / search setup. Maybe I am in the minority here?

But the feature that strikes me the most, the one I find most useful on a Mac than on iOS, are the Tab Groups. Tab groups are more or less dedicated spaces that contain similar tabs or tabs oriented to a specific function or interest. For example, I have a game tab group to host all my games related Safari tabs, as well as a 9to5 group to host all the 9to5 family sites. Managing and switching between tab groups is very easy via the sidebar, keyboard shortcuts or a handy quick access panel to the left of your open tabs.

Go to Folder Improvements

For users who need to navigate directly to a specific folder, using Go to Folder is an instrumental tool. In macOS Monterey, Apple improved the Go to Folder Finder command with an updated interface and an improved autocomplete engine to make it faster and easier to find specific files and folders.


Unfortunately, one of the most important new additions to the Mac, Universal Control, is not yet available in public beta or initial development. Universal Control promises seamless control between one or more Macs and iPads using a single keyboard and mouse. Apple’s Craig Federighi gave us a brief demonstration of the promising new feature during the WWDC keynote.

Besides universal control, macOS Monterey is packed with many new changes, features and improvements. The five aforementioned features are areas that particularly stood out to me, but this rundown is just a taste of what is new in macOS. Be sure to watch our full how-to video walkthrough for an in-depth look at all the new stuff.

What’s your favorite new change or improvement in macOS Monterey? Sound off below in the comments with your thoughts.

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