Grabba and Todaq Jointly Launch Decentralized Biometric Credentials SDK

Mobile biometrics provider Grabba and credentials and access management provider Todaq launched the jointly developed decentralized digital identity product GOTO in the Red Hart Marketplace to help developers integrate biometric life and peer-to-peer verifications into their systems and applications.

GOTO is delivered as a SDK and an authenticator app, which together provide comprehensive functionality at the edge of the network. It is also offered as a cloud native container deployment.

Developers can create portable and tamper-proof credentials with GOTO and link proof of identification to any file or asset to establish ownership.

Developers can set accepted ID types, create and bind credentials, offer local P2P identity verification with biometrics, and provide verifiable real-time transparency for the credential owner and verifier.

Todaq CEO Hassan Khan said his company chose Grabba as “an identity solutions partner that could offer guaranteed trust for identity, credentials and biometric verification at a level suitable for business people. critical applications ”.

“With today’s interconnected world, we need an ecosystem of trusted technologies to support the inevitable changes in the way we live, work and value things, with personal ownership of the identity and data combined with assurance of security and privacy, ”said Grabba CEO Micah Walker.

In addition to the Red Hat Marketplace, GOTO is also available directly from Grabba or Todaq.

Grabba recently joined the World Humanitarian Forum as a Tech 4 Good partner.

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