Google’s new tool to make it easier to separate work and personal life on Android phones

Google makes it easy to separate your work and personal life on Android phones.

The tech company said it will roll out its work profile tool to more users next year, allowing Android users to hide their work apps and data with the flick of a switch and protect their use of their personal phone from their workplace.

In a Google blog post, the company said the feature is currently limited to phones managed by your workplace, but it plans to make it available to people using Google Workspace in 2022.

After that, it will branch out further, with the ultimate goal of allowing anyone using Android for work to flip a switch to make their work apps disappear.

Elsewhere, Google is also working with identity and single sign-on providers Ping, Okta, and Forgerock to improve security when users access their company content.

The company wants users to authenticate in its custom tab system, rather than a web view, which makes the experience faster for employees and allows vendors like Okta to access more information. phone security.

Meanwhile, Google recently said it was working on a way to make two-factor authentication (2FA) easier to use.

On the Google Workspace blog, the company explained, “Rather than generating or accessing backup codes from the two-step verification home page, users are taken to a backup code page. dedicated.

“Here, users can generate new backup codes or update for additional backup codes, and print or download the codes as before. Additionally, we’ve added a new option to delete your backup codes.”


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