Google to Automatically Enroll 150 Million Users for 2SV Verification: Here’s Why

Google has been open about its cybercrime prevention measures. The US tech giant has already confirmed that it verifies the security of a billion passwords and is currently planning to add more than 150 million users to two-factor authentication. They have confirmed the automatic enrollment of these 150 million additional users for the 2SV and aim to do so by the end of 2021. This is mainly because Google certainly thinks that the 2SV is a very reliable and consistent method. which can help eliminate any unauthorized access route. to any Google account. Here’s everything we know about this latest Google announcement.

Google statement explaining why they use the 2SV authentication feature. From the official Google blog post: In addition to passwords, we know that having a second form of authentication dramatically reduces an attacker’s chances of gaining access to an account. For years, Google has been at the forefront of innovation in two-step verification (2SV), one of the most trusted ways to prevent unauthorized access to accounts and networks. The 2SV is most powerful when it combines both “something you know” (like a password) and “something you have” (like your phone or a security key).

Google to enroll 150 million more users in its new two-step verification process

Apart from that, Google has already released several other features for its users. They had recently confirmed the launch of the One Tap and Identity APIs called Google Identity Services. The service is more secure than the authentic method because it uses secure tokens instead of passwords to sign in to partner websites and apps. Google Identity Services have been developed to be compatible with Google’s advanced security which enables easy sign-in. According to Google, these new added features “represent the future of authentication and protect against vulnerabilities such as clickjacking, pixel tracking and other web and application-based threats.”

Apart from that, they have tried to make Thor services more accessible by launching new features that allow users to access all passwords saved in Google Password Manager just using the Google App menu. The app can also help users make changes from a single section without resorting to other software or apps. It then allows iOS and Chrome for iOS users to be able to generate a strong password in any app. This is mainly because Chrome in iOS gets the autofill features which can store all the essential credentials on the device.

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