Free Boogie Down Emote in 2022

Fortnite players are used to earning rewards for completing specified tasks in the game. The Boogie Down dance emote can also be unlocked in the same way by completing a simple task.

In 2018, Epic Games offered players the Boogie Down emote to activate 2FA with their Epic Games account.

Here is the new Boogie Down emote! Enable two-factor authentication and receive the emote for free #Fortnite

2FA or two-factor authentication is a security measure that helps prevent data loss and identity theft. Fortnite players have the option of securing their account with 2FA.

There is no other way to receive the Boogie Down emote in the game. The reward is only available to players who have 2FA enabled, even in 2022.

However, Boogie Down can still be unlocked in Chapter 3, and this article will provide all the information you need to unlock this epic emote for free.

How to activate 2FA in Fortnite Chapter 3?

There are three different ways that players can enable two-factor authentication on their Epic Games account. This can be done through an app, text, or email. The easiest method is to do it by SMS. However, if the players are on their PC and have no external device on them, it is better to go for the email method.

Below are the steps Fortnite players must follow to activate 2FA via email:

  1. Log into the Epic Games website on the browser
  2. Click on “Account” and go to “Password and security”
  3. Players will find two-factor authentication once they scroll down
  4. Click on “Email Authentication” and open the email registered to the Epic Games account on another tab
  5. Players will find a “Security Code” sent to them in the registered email.
  6. Copy and paste the security code to complete the process

Fortnite players can watch the official Epic Games video on the topic below to better understand the process.

After completing the simple steps above, players will need to relaunch their Fortnite app. Once they log in, the Boogie Down emote should be unlocked for them.

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