Fingerprint biometrics and the return of travel: this week’s news roundup

This week’s roundup of FindBiometrics’ best stories spans a range of topics and geographies, but fingerprint biometrics and international travel stand out as the two central themes.

In Europe, Norway-based IDEX Biometrics garnered attention this week with its call for financial service providers to adopt biometric payment cards in their efforts to comply with the European Union’s PSD2 regulations for strong customer authentication. Fingerprint reader cards can allow businesses to meet the SCA two-factor authentication requirement when a payer initiates a transaction:

IDEX pushes biometric cards for PSD2 compliance

German DERMALOG also got news related to fingerprints this week thanks to a biometric technology competition held in Italy. DERMALOG’s liveliness detection technology has allowed it to beat its competitors in the The last LivDet competition of the University of Cagliari, which rates software designed to resist presentation attacks:

DERMALOG Wins Fingerprint Vividness Detection Competition

Turning to the travel industry, Innovatrics drew attention by announcing that a new Honduras Airport to Deploy SmartFace Facial Recognition Technology. While airport deployments of facial recognition technology have increased in recent years, the technology is typically used for border control and passenger processing, while Innovatrics technology will be used primarily for site security. ‘Palmerola airport:

Innovatrics delivers facial recognition technology to Honduran airport

FindBiometrics readers also took to the seas this week via news about a partnership between Royal Caribbean Group and Smart Engines. The cruise line has chosen to use Smart Engines’ document scanning technology to streamline the boarding and departure process:

Smart Engines provides screening services to Royal Caribbean

And finally, readers have shown sustained interest this week in a discussion of identity verification more broadly. Armin Ebrahimi, Head of Personal Identity at Ping Identity, spoke with Peter Counter, Editor-in-Chief of FindBiometrics, in a fireside conversation which concerned digital integration, AML and KYC compliance and the adaptation of security to risk. The chat is now available on demand:

WATCH NOW: The Future of Identity Verification


Stay tuned to FindBiometrics for the latest news from the exciting world of biometrics. You can also visit our brother site Mobile ID World to read the latest information on digital identity.

October 16, 2021 – by Alex Perala

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