FIFA 22 account hack crisis: EA just scored an own goal

Make no mistake: With a deluge of hacking attacks on FIFA 22 player accounts and people losing millions of Ultimate Team Coins, it’s becoming a crisis for EA SPORTS.

Since mid-December, a handful of big names in the content creation community have been hit with account hacks, from RunTheFUTMarket to Bateson87. However, it would be misleading to suggest that correct large accounts have been targeted. It’s just one of those things where the best streamers have stolen the headlines, but the issue is big enough that everyone is worried.

Hundreds of requests to cover this story were sent to Dexerto’s press office, many of whom were regular gamers with no outlet. They’ve exhausted all of their options with EA’s live chat, pinged EA’s help on Twitter, and tried everything else available to them.

Among those affected by account hacks was FUT Donkey, who told us they lost 50 million coins, worth over $ 3,000 on the black market. It would cost immeasurably more to acquire this type of in-game currency by simply packing players with FIFA Points, making traders the perfect prey.

EA statement on FIFA 22 account hacks

After asking the developers for an official statement, they released one on Friday morning, January 7.

After two to three weeks of outcry in the community, it was starting to sound like an echo chamber. They had demanded responses from developers as more accounts were hacked, meaning the wait for a statement regarding the takeovers was at its height. The players were probably thinking “this could be my chance to get some clarification on how my case is being handled”. Well, frankly it wasn’t.

He said: “We have been made aware of recent account takeover attempts and are currently investigating.

“More information on how to secure your account, including enabling two-factor authentication, is available here,” along with a link to their 2FA tutorial page.


Here are some safety guidelines recommended by EA on their website.

Not only was this a bummer for all hacked users with 2FA already enabled, it didn’t provide any assurance that cases were being looked at individually. Of the users Dexerto spoke to, many also engaged with EA employees and indicated that 2FA did not protect them before this statement was released.

This left fans wondering if the cases were being looked at individually and hinted that the root cause of the problem – allowing hackers to infiltrate accounts, steal coins, and potentially take personal data – is still unknown to the creators. Game.

Second statement: Top Bins Live

FIFA Community Manager Shelden Rogers echoed those sentiments during an appearance on EA’s Top Bins Live.

He said: “Our teams are currently investigating and trying to understand what exactly happened in each of these cases,” before pushing players towards two-factor authentication, doubling the initial response.

In the meantime, there doesn’t appear to be an obvious process for affected users – a different process from other general customer feedback channels, not 2FA – to make sure the team knows your account has been hacked. It could be improved, sure. It appears to be ‘sit down and wait for the investigation to be over’, but there is no guarantee as to the outcome. This is causing anxiety among the player base.

For a microtransaction-based game mode, amid accusations that it promotes play with its FUT pack system, there is no indication yet that people’s hard-earned coins will be restored. If audiences lose faith in the developers’ ability to keep their money safe, what does that say about the future of the series?

With an increasing number of FUT clubs being attacked by cheaters, the response and action taken to resolve the issue and protect users should be a top priority. People should feel like they have someone in their corner, working hard against a solid plan.

However, they don’t feel that way.

FIFA 22 hacked the ultimate team trader

The total number of FIFA 22 players affected by account hacks is unknown at the time of writing.

FIFA 22 players react

Since the statement was released, many affected players have expressed their views on social media, with trader FUT Donkey saying they are now seeking legal advice to continue the hacking situation.

They also said: “EA’s statement is an absolute disgrace. All of us hacked T100 content marketers / creators had 2FA enabled, stop trying to enlighten us. Obviously, they think they are above the law or just don’t care.

Another, from ADWfifa, said: “The statement EA just made regarding the hacking scandal shows just how incompetent they really are … How can they tell people to make sure 2FA is on when the problem is do people get around that? “

In an article for The Mirror, Nathan Bliss wrote, “With each day that goes by without a resolution to this issue, more and more players are at risk of having their information exposed by hackers, so forget about TOTY, EA needs to fix this issue. . a top priority, to protect the data and personal information of their players.

What is very clear is that people wanted to see concrete steps that need to be taken by EA to tackle the issue, return stolen coins to accounts and restore some of the trust that was also lost in this process. .

Right now EA SPORTS must stand up for its players, protect their money, secure their private information, and fight this with a firm response. The final lines of statement communications fail to answer these key points, leaving more questions than answers – and you have to say that is a personal goal in the fight against hackers.

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