Entrust Seamless Travel Solution enables a contactless experience for travelers

Entrust has announced its expansion into the travel industry with its Seamless Travel Solution, a fully digital travel service. This solution enables a contactless and transparent experience for travelers by minimizing touch points, while ensuring the security of border control operations, immigration and travel service providers.

As travel restrictions and ever-changing policies continue to bring economic uncertainty, the travel and tourism industry is doing everything possible to increase safety and reduce friction for travelers.

“Travel & Tourism is working hard to bounce back from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The WTTC’s Safe and Smooth Traveler’s Travel is essential both in helping a rapid recovery and in setting a new standard for the industry, ”said Helena Bononi, Vice President Americas of the World Travel and Tourism Council.

“This important initiative enables mobility and increases safety and security, while always putting the passenger at the center. We are encouraged by the efforts of governments and industry to make this a reality. The new Entrust seamless travel solution and all initiatives focused on seamless travel are welcome additions to all current efforts. “

This announcement closely follows the acquisition of WorldReach Software in April 2021, combining Entrust’s identity and data protection portfolio with WorldReach’s expertise in digital identity verification and integration. The new Entrust solution enables an integrated solution to facilitate citizen engagement, digital integration, adaptive accreditation and risk-based flow control across the travel continuum.

“As citizens of the world begin to travel again, now is the perfect time to bring this solution to market,” said Gordon Wilson, vice president of identity verification at Entrust. “We are confident that the seamless travel solution will help usher the world into a new era of travel, making travelers feel more secure and have less of a hassle, while enabling operational efficiency at border agencies and the border. entire travel industry through digital transformation. “

Targeting airlines, rail operators, cruise lines, airports, border agencies and other key operators in the global travel and tourism ecosystem, the Entrust seamless travel solution is an important step towards an experience. trip in which the traveler no longer needs to present his trip. – related documents such as boarding passes and passports repeatedly to a variety of stakeholders at different checkpoints during their journey.

On the contrary, travelers who choose to register will have less hassle due to the implementation of the contactless biometric lanes solution which uses facial recognition technology to confirm the identity of the traveler, thus eliminating the friction of the travelers. points of contact.

TLScontact, a leading provider of visa and consular services to governments around the world, integrates the Entrust seamless travel solution into its offering.

“TLScontact brings a seamless, secure and increasingly digital application handling experience to a wide range of visa and consular services on behalf of governments around the world,” said Simon Peachey, Director of Sales for TLScontact. “This is why we are partnering with Entrust to integrate their market-leading Seamless Travel solution into our offering. Trusted remote identity verification and digital travel credentials capabilities deliver significant value to both our government customers and the traveling public. “

Gatekeeper Intelligent Security, a leader in border inspection and recognition solutions, integrates Entrust digital identity verification into its border recognition systems.

“Gatekeeper is leading the way in intelligent border inspection and recognition solutions. We are committed to developing innovative solutions that increase the human ability to perform security functions quickly and accurately, ”said Colin Brown, Vice President, Global Sales and Operations at Gatekeeper.

“We are teaming up with Entrust to leverage their best-in-class remote identity verification capability, enabling drivers and passengers to submit biometrically secure identity data before travel or en route. . When paired with Gatekeeper’s border recognition systems, the result is a leading, automated borderless solution.

Transparent travel solution follows it all GDPR regulations, does not retain personally identifiable information and encrypts all data in transit and at rest for maximum user safety. Each traveler using the service has the option of storing their digital travel certificate on their personal mobile device, but this is not required.

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