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Chrome is experimenting, in its beta version, with a kind of two-factor authentication for online purchases. An extension included in the WebAuthn standard, intended for sales sites, paves the way for identity verification by complementary mechanisms, such as biometrics and facial recognition, to finalize an acquisition.

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Secure Payment Confirmation (in Portuguese) is an important addition to increase the level of protection for users who make online purchases. Thanks to it, not only the card data would be enough to make a payment, thus avoiding the risk of unwanted purchases or theft on the Internet.

Online purchases will require confirmation of the user’s identity through additional mechanisms (Image: Reproduction / Google)

Technically, this frees the user from password confirmations – a method that has been avoided by browsers in general. Whenever a purchase is about to be finalized, the browser will require identity verification by additional mechanisms, called FIDO authentication (biometrics, physical key with USB connection, voice or facial recognition).

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Verification is mandatory in some places

For Google, the feature’s debut was driven by the need to create a consistent authentication experience, but in some areas it’s even the law. In the European Union, for example, it has been determined that online shopping should be secured by two-factor authentication, and given the current trend, other places are likely to adopt similar standards as well.

While the novelty acts behind the scenes of an online purchase, the end user won’t start enjoying it right away. Additionally, authentication is still a 94 feature of Chrome only in beta, so now is the time that developers will try out the tool until the final release.

Chrome 94 was just released, but Chrome’s update cycle is now monthly. It is therefore likely that the news of online payments will be made available to everyone in the next update, in a few weeks.

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