CBP Launches Easy Arrival Technology at Charlotte Douglas Airport

Inside the main atrium of Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Credit: MaverickHunter40245 / Wikipedia.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has launched streamlined biometric on-arrival facial comparison technology at Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) to streamline global travel.

The enhanced international Simplified Arrival process uses facial biometrics to automate manual checks of documents required to enter the United States.

The process ensures travelers have a secure, contactless travel experience while fulfilling Congress’ mandate to biometrically record the entry and exit of non-U.S. Citizens into the country.

CBP said the streamlined arrival process uses a combination of facial comparison algorithms and trained, qualified CBP officers to verify the authenticity of travel documents.

Barry Chastain, CBP Charlotte Regional Port Manager, said: “CBP is expanding the use of facial biometrics at Charlotte Douglas International Airport to provide travelers with a secure and contactless international arrival process that secures and further modernize air travel.

“Our valued partnership with CLT continues to improve the travel experience. Additionally, CBP looks forward to partnering with stakeholders from other international entry points across North Carolina to implement streamlined arrival. ”

The biometric facial comparison process is used at a time and place where travelers are required by law to verify their identity with the presentation of a travel document.

Upon arrival at CLT, the passenger will be required to pause for a photo at the primary inspection point.

Once completed, the CBP officer will review the travel document which will retrieve the traveller’s passport or visa photo from government holdings and compare it with the new photo taken at the main inspection point.

The technology processes images in seconds and is allegedly over 98% accurate.

The identity of non-U.S. Citizens who have traveled to the country earlier may no longer need to provide fingerprints, as it will be confirmed through the non-contact facial biometric process.

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