Two Factor Authentication

Cisco Talos Discovers Malware Campaign Against Government Employees, Military In India

Cisco Talos recently discovered a malicious campaign targeting government and military personnel in India, using commercial Remote Access Trojans (RATs). The attackers targeted their victims with two commercial and commodity families known as NetwireRAT (aka NetwireRC) and WarzoneRAT (aka Ave Maria). In a recent blog post, Cisco Talos researchers detailed …

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Talcove Haywood | Illinois Politics

“I think [the Illinois Department of Employment Security] is fighting for the right reason, I think they want to provide great service, and they have a huge passion to help. “I don’t think they understand that the threat vector has changed so significantly.” “What happened because of the pandemic is …

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Data Security Trends 2021 | Datamation

There is no escaping data security. With so many tasks and transactions now done virtually, every consumer is faced with an endless stream of requests for logins, passwords, two-factor authentication codes, captchas, and more. On the business side, users must negotiate through a labyrinth of layers of security and access …

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