Two Factor Authentication

Why is cybersecurity so important? All you need to know

Strong cybersecurity is essential for protection against hackers and other cybercriminals. Cyber ​​security is essential because it protects all forms of data and information, such as sensitive data, personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), intellectual property, personal information and systems. government and industry information. Without extensive cybersecurity strategies …

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Study – The New Indian Express

Through Express press service KOCHI: As everyday life increasingly depends on online services, it has become important to change your online banking and shopping passwords as well as your OTT credentials. For Account-Taking Crimes (ATO) – online identity theft where a cybercriminal accesses victim’s bank, e-commerce or OTT accounts, siphons …

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Instagram’s two-factor authentication code could be sent to WhatsApp soon, says Leaker

Instagram’s two-factor authentication (2FA) code sent over WhatsApp will be possible in the future, an app analyst and leaker suggested. The planned functionality will not replace the authentication choices currently available, which include text messages, backup codes, authenticator apps, and login requests. Instead, it’s meant to be an optional choice …

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