Benedictine University becomes first Illinois campus to offer Transact Mobile Student ID on smartphones and portable devices

LISLE, Illinois, November 20, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Benedictine University students, faculty and staff can now turn their physical Benedictine University card (the official university identity card) into a mobile ID. Using the mobile wallet on their smartphone or portable device, students can easily, securely and securely access campus buildings, purchase meals and more.

With the launch of a mobile ID on November 18, 2021, Benedictine University is the first higher education institution in the State of Illinois to make this technology available to its students, faculty and faculty. staff. Transact Campus, the leader in innovative payment and identification solutions for a connected campus, provides the fintech technology that will power mobile identifiers compatible with near-field communication (NFC) for the Benedictine University.

With mobile identifiers, students can perform any action that would previously have required a physical ID card – both on and off campus – with just their smartphones and portable devices. Students simply place their device near a reader to enter residences and other campus buildings, access meal plans, and shop at campus food stores.

The move from physical ID cards to the contactless BCard on smart devices enables safe, convenient and highly secure transactions. Students can avoid touching readers or handing over their ID cards to someone else. The Benedictine University can also issue the BCard remotely without the need to see students in person or print and ship physical cards, creating a safer, more cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly process.

To set up their BCard, students, faculty, and staff need to download the Transact eAccounts app, authenticate with their college credentials, and then add their BCard to their mobile wallet.

“Bringing this kind of mobile technology to the Benedictine University community is really a game changer for our students, faculty and staff,” said Charles Gregory, President of Benedictine University. “They can now interact with our services. in a more secure, practical and completely frictionless way. “

The Benedictine BCard on smartphones and portable devices is protected by two-factor authentication to ensure that only the student can access their own account. This verifies that users are who they claim to be in order to ensure the highest level of protection for all user interactions with this service.

“The new mobile ID technology serves as a highly visible example to show potential students that Benedictine is committed to using the most innovative technology to meet and meet their needs,” said Chad Treisch, director of operations at the ‘Benedictine University..

The Benedictine University is an inclusive academic community dedicated to teaching and learning, scholarship and service, truth and justice, inspired by Catholic intellectual tradition, social teaching of the Church and the principles of wisdom of the Rule of Saint Benedict. The university has nearly 3,000 undergraduate students and over 2,000 graduate students.

“The mobile BCard is super practical. I still have my phone, so not having to worry about whether or not you have your ID card with you is so nice! Benedictine undergraduate student Hannah Griffith said.


About the Benedictine University

The Benedictine University is located in Lisle, Illinois, just 25 miles west of Chicago, and has a branch in Mesa, Arizona. Founded as a Catholic university in 1887, Benedictine has nearly 5,000 students in undergraduate and graduate programs. Forbes magazine named Benedictine one of America’s “Best Colleges” for the ninth consecutive year in 2019. Benedictine University was also named the second safest campus in the country and the safest campus in Illinois by in 2019. Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. For more information about the University, contact (630) 829-6300, or visit

About transactions

Transact is the leader in innovative payment and mobile identification solutions for a connected campus. Its highly configurable, mobile-centric campus technology ecosystem simplifies the student experience across the spectrum of student life. Transact’s offerings include integrated solutions for the payment of tuition and other student expenses, multipurpose campus identifiers, and on-campus commerce. With a long-standing reputation in the education community, Transact is proud to serve over 12 million students in 1,750 client institutions. Its fintech solutions facilitate $ 45 billion in payments per year and have enabled more than 58 million contactless mobile wallet transactions and $ 90 million in mobile orders in less than three years. For more information, visit

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