Authentication company Vein ID enters the international gaming sector

A Manchester fintech company has entered the multi-billion pound gaming business through a partnership with NYCE International, a subsidiary of Hong Kong investment firm The Global Chain.

FinGo is able to verify the identity of users by performing an analysis of their unique vein pattern via an infrared device. Registered users can scan their vein to prove their identity, age or make payments at any location offering the FinGo system.

NYCE will act as FinGo’s global representative in the gaming market. The partnership will see them introduce a new generation of biometric age verification and cashless payment products for casinos, bars and other entertainment venues, as well as for the online gaming market.

Harmen Brenninkmeijer, NYCE Managing Partner, said, “Gaming marketplace operators need to future-proof their business, and biometric technology can do that. There is a great responsibility to protect consumers, especially young people, and being able to objectively and easily verify age and prove identity has enormous potential.

“Given recent changes in casino regulations in various markets around the world and the explicit need for better age controls or spending limits, FinGo’s expertise in identity and payment will enable a better gaming experience for operators and players, supporting player convenience and compliance.This partnership allows us to add tremendous value to the gaming industry at this time.

Simon Binns, Chief Commercial Officer of FinGo, said, “We are delighted to partner with NYCE, allowing us to enter the growing gaming market. The team has a proven track record of innovation, coupled with deep gaming industry knowledge and experience.

“We are confident that our biometrics platform will help solve age verification issues in in-person gaming and open up new opportunities for this diverse, valuable and highly regulated industry.”

FinGo added age verification and digital identity services to its product portfolio in 2020 alongside its existing biometric payment platform. It has been approved by Manchester City Council to verify the age of people in approved establishments, without the use of ID.

In September 2021, it entered into a strategic partnership with Mastercard, significantly expanding the company’s global reach by opening access to a network of acquirers and millions of merchants worldwide.

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