Apple device security check: 10 tips to use right now

October is Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month and whether you are an expert or new to iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc., it can be helpful to audit your security settings. Let’s take a look at 10 tips for an Apple device security check.

There is a good chance that you have already activated some or maybe even most of the security features described below for your Apple devices.

But you’ll probably find at least one thing that could grab your attention or teach you about a security feature that you didn’t know about. Let’s dive in!

10 tips for a security check of Apple devices

  1. Check that 2FA for your Apple ID is enabled (you can now use iOS 15 and macOS Monterey to create 2FA codes for third-party apps / logins as well)
    • Head to the Settings app> your name> Password & security> Two-factor authentication
  2. Activate Find My (also activates Activation Lock)
    • Head to the Settings app> your name> Find my
  3. Check for compromised or reused passwords (and use strong automatically generated passwords for new ones)
    • You can check for compromised connections on iPhone> Settings app> Passwords> Security recommendations Or on Mac in Safari> Preferences> Passwords> Security recommendations and also with third-party applications like 1Password
  4. Stay up to date with the latest version of iOS, watchOS, macOS
  5. Enable automatic updates for apps
    • On iPhone, go to Settings app> App Store> Automatic downloads> App updates
  6. Use Face ID or Touch ID
    • Check on iPhone via Settings> Face ID / Touch ID & Passcode
  7. Before trading or selling any device, restore iPhone / iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, etc. to factory settings.
    • Do the same if you buy a second-hand Apple device
  8. Use FileVault to encrypt your Mac
  9. Use sign in with Apple or sign in with Google / Facebook / Twitter etc. to reduce password usage and exposure of compromised credentials
  10. Try the new iCloud + Hide My Email feature

Apple Private Relay is a new security feature that comes with iCloud +. However, depending on the sites / services you use, your internet connection may slow down when you use Apple’s VPN privacy feature.

Of course, another option is to use a dedicated VPN service to increase your privacy and security while browsing the web.

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