ANA invites passengers with NFC phones to pilot an IATA • NFCW digital travel pass

DIGITAL PASS: IATA Travel Pass app allows travelers to check their Covid-19 test results upon check-in

All Nippon Airways (ANA) will test the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Travel Pass , allowing passengers on certain flights between Japan and the United States to verify their identity and Covid-19 test results when checking in on their NFC-enabled smartphone.

After register to participate in the trial, passengers can create their digital identity in the IATA app by taking a selfie and scanning the contactless chip of their passport with their NFC phone.

They can then use the Travel Pass to verify their identity at one of the Covid-19 testing centers participating in the trial before taking a Covid-19 test and receiving the results directly in the app.

“Customers who volunteer to participate in the trial will have the opportunity to use the IATA Travel Pass app to easily and securely check whether the result of their Covid-19 test meets the health requirements of their destination,” says ANA.

“Through this trial, ANA will validate the test and verification components of the IATA Travel Pass application, as it seeks to provide customers with greater options to make the international travel process more transparent and secure.”

The airline will test the IATA Travel Pass from May 24 to June 6 on flights between Tokyo Haneda Airport and Honolulu in Hawaii, and between Tokyo Haneda and JFK Airport in New York, United States.

A short video shows how the travel pass works.

The digital pass is currently only available for NFC-enabled iOS devices, but IATA says it will be available to Android users “in mid-May.”

More than 30 airlines around the world, including Iberia, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Korean Air and Virgin atlantic have now joined the IATA Travel Pass pilot program.

IATA announced that it was developing a digital pass in January.

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