A piercing store in Lansing offers chip implants

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Have you ever thought about being able to unlock your car or pay at the store just by waving your hand? Body piercing expert brings future to Lansing with new product.

“I went to my, I guess you could say, my last piercing apprenticeship in a store and things weren’t moving where I wanted my career to go,” said body piercing expert Teferra Lanier. .

Lanier goes through “Hades” in the artist community and in February 2021, after selling almost everything he had, he opened his shop, Flesh, in the Old Town district of Lansing.

“With this store, there is a lot of innovation. So I’m trying to innovate in the whole body art industry when it comes to body piercing and bring it to improvements, ”he said.

Lanier was interested in technology, so he combined it with his love of body modification to come up with the idea of ​​offering a modification straight out of science fiction.

Implants with RFID and NFC technology can connect to smart devices and act as a virtual wallet.
Implants are not completely new. Employees at a Wisconsin company were intentionally chipped in 2019.

“I felt it belonged to the body enhancement industry, it’s an improvement,” he said. “The future will be based on that, so why not get ahead now.”

Lanier said it was as safe as having an earring.

“The infection rate is minimal depending on who you are and if you take care of it, and that’s with any piercing or any enhancement to your body,” he said.

The implants will cost around $ 200 and Lanier said he was delighted to be the first to bring them to Lansing.

“I’m here at a time in life where it was unheard of and it was just in the movies when I was a kid, you know? So now to see that it’s actually a thing happening and I’m a part of it, it’s historic.

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