Write in bold: how to put bold in the text

Bold writing is a heritage of good web writing activity


You can not do without this tool to improve the readability of the text. But how is the bold type on the internet?


What does it mean to write in bold according to you? For many it means putting the boldface where it happens, inserting emphasis in a block of text to avoid the wall of words.

come scrivere in grassetto How to put the bold online?

That’s no good. This text formatting solution is essential online. You can not do without this option. The public’s attention is minimal, you can not bet on the reader’s ability to concentrate his gaze .

You must be the one to earn it. You can use different elements, like the headers that define the sections of the article . These strings make you understand what you are facing. And the bold coordinates everything, but you know how? Let’s see.


What is bold or bold for online text

The topics of the post

  • What is bold or bold for online text
  • Why and when to use bold on the web
  • How to make bold online with WordPress
  • How to put the bold: usability rules
  • Write in bold on Whatsapp and Facebook
  • As you write in bold type: your opinion?

Bold is a characteristic of the font, a more marked and strong typeface that acquires visibility compared to the normal writing, also known as round.

The essential characteristic of this solution concerns the ability of the human eye to catch the differences in light within a block of letters . And the bold has just this ability: varying the thick and the depth of the color the bold attracts the reader’s attention.

Bold fits into the collection of tools to emphasize the text. Together with the ability to give greater thickness to the letters, in fact, you can use italics and small capitals. The latter is used for the drop cap or subtitle .

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Why and when to use bold on the web

The reason that pushes you to make the text in bold is simple: to draw attention to certain aspects . The fundamental rule is that of interrupted staticity.

The bold type creates a break with the static nature of the text block. Putting emphasis on characters on one or more terms means pushing the user to point the eye.


As this Nielsen chart emphasizes, people tend to abandon web pages with a lot of text. Long articles, such as pillar article or cornerstone content , risk a lot if they are not carefully formatted .

Writing in bold is decisive, helping the reader to focus attention only where it is needed. Never underestimate the importance of a good markup for your text.

People rarely read Web pages word by word; Instead, they scan the page, picking out individual words and sentences (…) Web pages have to be used with keywords, hyperlinks, and other types of information. Jackob Nielsen

The father of usability emphasizes that people rarely read step by step. Instead, they scan the page, identifying individual words and interesting phrases.

As a result, blog pages must include text that is easy to read. This means that putting highlighted text with a more obvious source is a good solution.

How to make bold online with WordPress

Now let’s move on to the operational phase. If it is so important to make a text readable it is right to understand how to put HTML text in bold. What if you use a CMS?

With WordPress the process is simple and immediate, almost trivial: select the text and click on the B that you find at the top , in the formatting tools.


How to put the text in evidence with WordPress.

You can get the same result with a keyboard shortcut: select the text and then press control (apple for Macs) along with the B key: to speed up writing this is a must-have trick. But what if the WYSIWYG editor does not work?

Putting bold with HTML (strong or bold?)

Making bold using HTML is easy, just go to the editor and enter the words you want to highlight in the strong tag . Want a concrete example:

<strong> Text to highlight </ strong>

In this way you can have the desired result. Attention, better to use the strong or bold tag ie <b>? The first solution is the one that is used because it semantically defines the importance of the text highlighted by the cursor.

SEO and bold: what relationship?

Among the various urban legends about search engine optimization there is also this: putting the keyword in bold helps positioning on Google .


True? False? In reality I do not have knowledge of concrete research that can highlight the bold as a positioning factor . In addition to saying that it is better to use <strong instead of <bold> for a semantic question, to make it clear that the highlighted one is an important element , we can not add anything else.

Guide the reader with the letters in bold

If you use bold in the right way, then to highlight the elements and create an internal path for the reader , you’re already doing a lot for SEO .

At least indirectly. The user experience is an important factor, improving the time spent (useful and fruitful) means giving the user what he seeks with the least effort possible . In this balance there is also the bold.

How to put the bold: usability rules

Want to know how to put the bold online, on a text to be published on the web. I have my basic rule : do not overdo it. If you cover an entire paragraph with boldface you have confused the reader: everything will be important, so nothing is serious.

Come mettere il grassetto

Who adds the bold random, or thinking of abound, wrong. Better put one or two words per paragraph in bold, pushing the reader’s eye to focus on what is needed. You direct the orchestra. A couple of rules:

  • Do not get in contrast with the links, they also highlight the text.
  • Bold and stressed create confusion, restricts this mix.
  • Do not use headers to highlight text in place of boldface.
  • Avoid unnecessary bold (like on an H2 or an H3).

My solution is simple: it creates an internal path, a map made of points that the user can unite with his gaze . Inserting nonsense letters in bold is a usability error: make your text online more interesting and easier to navigate.

Write in bold on Whatsapp and Facebook

How to write with emphasis on social platforms? The first to introduce advanced formatting was Google Plus, and in fact we have not seen anything else. But something can also be done with external applications . Let’s start with the most famous chat.

Bold on WhatsApp

How to put bold text in WhatsApp messages? Very simple: write what you want to send, select the part to send, go to the three dots and choose to format . You may prefer strikethrough, monospace, italic or bold text.

Alternatively you can use a very well known and active markup language on Google Plus: understanding a text between the asterisk means putting it in bold.

Bold on Facebook

There are no official solutions to write in bold on Facebook. But you can use external applications that allow you to copy and paste special characters in bold. They do not always work, here’s an example of a bold text generator. 

The interesting aspect of yaytext.com? You can create bold and italic text with a different font. Then copy the result and paste it where it is needed . Also on Twitter.

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As you write in bold type: your opinion?

Putting the bold in the text may seem like a child’s play, an elementary step . Easy to perform. This is not the case and in this article I have included the essential points of the work to be done, a work of attention to writing online .