Upload photos to Instagram from PC and Mac: how to put desktop photos


Uploading photos to Instagram from PC and Mac is a necessity for those who want to get the most out of their account.


You can put edited photos, you can improve the shots with photo editing programs like Photoshop and Gimp, you can post photos on Instagram that you keep on your desk.

Of course, you can send them to your mobile phone and then retrieve them. Then add them to your profile. But uploading photos to Instagram from a PC, or from a desktop computer, is a good way to save time and organize your business. All this is essential if you want to do marketing on Instagram .

But even if you want to become an influencer . That is a person with an important following. In an environment where the photos are all you have to offer visual quality to your audience . And to do this you need the best programs to publish photos on Instagram from the desktop. What is the road?


Instapic: program for Windows

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  • Instapic: program for Windows
  • Use Instagram online with Grum.co
  • Gramblr, free app for PC and Mac
  • PostPickr and Hootsuite: take advantage of the suites
  • Upload photos to Instagram stories with Grids
  • Worry to publish PC stories
  • Onlypult to publish from desktop
  • How to post photos with Schedugr.am
  • Do you want to upload photos to Instagram from a PC?

Start with a program to insert photos on Instagram dedicated only to those who use Windows: I’m talking about Instapic . Despite its closure against other operating systems, this application has won the hearts of the instagrammer. The reason is simple: it has an intuitive layout and can be used to upload photos, but also to interact.

Interact with other users. It also allows you to configure multiple Instagram accounts and switch between profiles. This feature is especially useful because it saves you time and manages your social activity in the best possible way. Recommended for those who use Instagram for work, perhaps for small businesses and individual companies.

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Use Instagram online with Grum.co

Simplicity reigns supreme on the home page of www.grum.co. In fact, its goal is simple: help you add photos on Instagram from your computer. In reality it also allows you to edit the shot , schedule the publication and manage multiple accounts. So it’s simple but not too much.

Gramblr, free app for PC and Mac

How do I put photos on Instagram from PC and Mac? With a free application, that is Gramblr. To get a good result you just have to download the version related to your operating system ( here is the link ) and use this software to upload images from the desktop . How does this software work?


After logging in, enter your Instagram account details and log in to the editor. Here, upload the shot, edit it with a series of tools and filters, send it to your Instagram profile. And that’s it. The most interesting aspect: with this software you can upload photos and videos on Instagram from Pc. Gramblr is safe, free and easy to use . Virtually perfect for using Instagram from a PC

PostPickr and Hootsuite: take advantage of the suites


To upload photos to Instagram from your PC and Mac, you can use programs designed for general social management. Like PostPickr and Hootsuite . These solutions allow you to update various profiles with useful content for your project, and among the various possibilities you can also find Instagram.

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Upload photos to Instagram stories with Grids

How to put more photos in the history of Instagram? Simple, just tap on the icon of the camera you find on the application home page. But we are always talking about smartphones.

Is it possible to upload photos to Instagram Stories from a desktop computer? So from Mac and PC with Windows? Yes, you can use Grids , a great desktop app to upload images to Instagram profiles and stories. In this way your visual storytelling becomes easier.

Worry to publish PC stories

This is one of the main needs: to publish Instagram stories from a PC and a fixed computer. So manage from the desktop one of the most important realities . How to do? I suggest two alternatives besides Grids.


The first is Onlypult , an application that you can learn more about soon. Immediately after, there is an equally good software to post and organize Instagram Stories in a professional way. I’m talking about the app storrito.com , specific to the purpose in question.

The reason? Very simple: with this tool you can create stories on Instagram with hashtags, mentions, geolocations and stickers. You can also schedule and schedule publications based on the date and time. You can also choose the post template with various animations of texts and images.

Onlypult to publish from desktop

Among the professional software to manage an Instagram account there is Onlypult . I’ve tried this software and I strongly recommend it: with a minimum price you have a professional suite to manage your account . And of course you can upload a hole on Instagram from a PC or Mac.

pubblicare foto da desktop

But not only. You can schedule publications, switch from one account to another, interact with the public. In short, if you have to work with different Instagram profiles this is a good solution . Although paid. But as I said before the price is acceptable if you have to manage multiple accounts.

How to post photos with Schedugr.am

Another famous name for those who want to manage the Instagram account from the computer. The advantages of schedugr.am , however, are not reduced to the ability to upload photos to Instagram from a desktop computer. With this program you can schedule posts and optimize the work of multiple accounts. So you’re with your back covered if you’re looking for a photo on Instagram from a PC or Mac.