The Secret About Personal Finance Never Revealed

When we talk about personal finances we quickly come to mind concepts about how to save money, how to make money, how to manage money, how to invest money, among others. In fact, personal finance essentially reminds us of money and many of us see money as the answer to all the challenges (problems).

We are familiar with the fundamental concepts of personal finance. It is also customary to listen to advice on personal finances in the most diverse places of information, or even in small groups of friends.

Concepts such as, spending less than is earned every month, saving at least 10 to 20% of available monthly income, not investing all savings in a single financial product, the power of compound interest, among others, are daily or even constantly present in the lives of all of us.


This leads us to think and reflect:

personal finance

Why do many people understand these concepts, understand the simplicity of managing personal finances, and simply do not find financial equilibrium?

Why do so many of these people live permanently in financial suffocation. Can not fulfill their responsibilities even with above-average earnings?


What is the answer?

If we talk to personal finance experts, the reason why so many people fail to have promising and balanced financial lives is that they are unable to manage their money. Their inability to control their spending and income and to make financial decisions in accordance with their financial realities.

personal finance

There will be other specialists who justify such an imbalance in people’s inability to set goals for their lives. Financial objectives capable of measuring the evolution and development of the financial structure. Financial objectives that require small actions and behaviors so that they can be completed. Objectives that return destinies that people want to reach, but that, in a way, do not motivate or impel the desire to achieve them.

The truth is that there are even many people with the skills and abilities to set realistic goals and goals but nevertheless fail to make the positive attitude they need to realize them prevail.

So what will distinguish people who can achieve financial prosperity even with reduced income from people who can not?


Purpose – The Secret Of Personal Finance

Purpose - The Secret Of Personal Finance

In the past, we shared an article about life purpose with the title, “How to Find Out Your Life Purpose” where we explain that having a purpose has an inner strength that consciously and unconsciously motivates you to move forward with a positive attitude toward life.

The discovery of purpose brings a transparent vision of each person’s future, but it also directs and drives each of us to financial equilibrium and prosperity.

When the purpose is discovered and the values, talents, and passions that move each of us daily are identified, we easily discover why there are various financial actions, behaviors, and decisions. But we also find out what actions, behaviors, and decisions are not in accordance with our purpose in life, which are not part of our values ​​and do not add any positive results to our lives.


Let’s look at an example:

Imagine that your goal in life is to buy a bigger house. Your goal is clear, your destination is clear, and you even know how much money you need to realize your dream, but do you know why you are making such a goal for this stage of your life?

All who do not discover their life purpose are completely cut off from their lives, from their inner voice, from the pursuit of happiness.

In our day, better, every day there are various forces constantly pressing us to make decisions on impulse. They force us to act on impulse and almost mechanically we make financial decisions, especially consumer decisions.

In the same way, we can even check the moments when we are clearly disconnected from our purpose, whenever we perform various daily tasks and actions without ever questioning them. Are you tuned in to what we mean?

Knowing clearly what our purpose in life allows us to direct our habits and attitudes to achieve the goals we determine, especially the financial goals. The key is that these goals are in tune with our purpose in life and what really matters to each of us.