Storytelling: the essential ingredients of a story

Storytelling is essential for contemporary communication.

Today the web is narration, story, experience lived through the comparison of codes.


Storytelling is the process that allows to tell, through codes and styles known to the public, of deep meanings . It refers to the narrative, to popular tradition, to classical literature. And to the culture that sees man as a protagonist.


So making storytelling is simple! It is a process that conveys values but everyone can tell a credible story, just as everyone knows how to publish an article for a blog. Just knowing how to write, you do not need a professional .

I’m kidding. Do not worry, I’m not crazy. I just want to exasperate the positions of those who simplify (up to ridicule) the refined art of storytelling.


What is storytelling?

The topics of the post

  • What is storytelling?
  • Storytelling as a narration
  • How to make storytelling
  • Corporate and corporate storytelling
  • Baricco’s storytelling
  • Examples of storytelling

Storytelling is the marketing strategy that allows a company to transform its commercial message, and therefore its strategic objective , into a format known to the public. The narration preserves the features of a known code, known to the individual. Making storytelling, in effect, means aiming once again on the concept of inbound marketing .

But now I’ll tell you what storytelling is not: telling a story . There are those who manage to entertain the public, with oral and written communication. But then there is the scientific use of narration to convey meanings. It is not enough to know how to entertain the public to make storytelling.

Storytelling as a narration

Working in this world means exploiting narration, one of the most ancient and effective practices of good communication . But it also means informing and exciting the public without boring. Keeping the attention high.


According to Luisa Carrada , in the great book Il Mestiere Di Writing : “the stories are the only ones that from the dawn of time can combine information, knowledge, wisdom, emotions, care of oneself and others (…) There have been civilizations that have ignored the it rotates, but none that has not known the stories “.

How to make storytelling

It is not easy to learn how to make storytelling without errors, without smudging. Yet there are points to be respected . Do you know them? ABC Copywriting has created an infographic with the necessary ingredients to create and tell a story.


Do people who listen to the story, who enjoy your storytelling, trust the storyteller? Do they know your brand ? This aspect is essential to ensure the success of your storytelling action.


Stories need development that touches emotions. Great narratives are based on great emotions, and you can not do without them : it uses conflicts, solutions, tensions, mysteries.


The public must identify themselves in the story. This is to create a special relationship : identifying with the character of a story means letting yourself be carried away.


A simple story is strong. Remove what is not needed for the narration: cut events, combine two minor characters , reduce to the minimum mentions to other places.


The recipient wants to give a personal meaning to the story. You can indicate the structure , but you have to leave room for people to apply a moral of the story.


Sometimes the audience is completely immersed in a story, lives the experiences told in the first person and becomes the main character . Here, you have reached your storyteller goal!


The audience evaluates new stories by comparing them with those they already know. Different stories can share a tested structure, a recognizable development .

Corporate and corporate storytelling

To simplify this process I leave the image that summarizes all the points listed. Storytelling is a path that is applied in companies, at a corporate and managerial level, but also embraces the processes of primary schools . This is why it is essential to become familiar with these steps.


Storytelling in graphic form.

From school to the corporate world, storytelling is a tool that does not lead to direct sales. Difficult to talk about objectives similar to those of ‘ hard selling with this strategy. Which is equally indispensable when working on the brand.

Baricco’s storytelling

I think it is useful to deepen the meaning of this subject with the words of those who studied thoroughly: Alessandro Baricco, who gave a good lesson on storytelling in a high school in Turin. You can find the video on the La Repubblica website.

Examples of storytelling


Making storytelling does not mean respecting these points. Here there is the commitment of highly trained people who know the codes of communication.

The force of history, of narration, can not be doubted. And it is an atavistic force , ancient, always effective: those who follow the spots of Apple know it well!


Beautiful, is not it? It describes the technical capabilities of the iPhone, but at the same time it all declines in an emotional key: this serves to achieve great goals, to transform a company into something different . Not a simple reality to buy items. In your opinion, does all this work?


This is the world that I like and that I want to tell in this post: a corporate storytelling made of emotions, ideas, representations and metaphors. The rhetorical figures are not lacking and insinuate metaphors in our perception. So, do you like this way of doing storytelling?

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