Promote a blog: how to advertise the site My Social Web

Promoting a blog is a concrete commitment.

You can not do otherwise. To achieve good results you must, at all costs, work on different fronts. For example with the positioning on Google or maybe advertising and email marketing.

Promuovere un blog

Do you want to give visibility to your blog?

A long job is waiting for you. At the base there are some essential qualities : consistency in publishing quality content , adaptability, serenity and Zen approach to moderate spam. But to emerge, you need a lot of visibility.

Increasing website visits is not easy, but it is necessary. Here’s what to do to promote a blog and do a good job without spending a fortune.


Advertise blogs for free or for a fee?

The topics of the post

  • Advertise blogs for free or for a fee?
  • Place the articles for many keywords
  • How to advertise a blog on Instagram
  • Improve the blog by optimizing the pages
  • Improve visibility in the Google serp
  • Publish guest post on industry blogs
  • Corporate blog promotion: where do you start from?
  • How to advertise a blog on Facebook
  • Strategies to promote WordPress blogs

The first question, the junction that makes the difference: can I advertise a blog at no cost, without spending money?

The principle of no, an exit is always there. You can ask a professional blogger to do these for you. Or you can invest energy in the first person and pay in terms of time. In short, you have resources to invest .

And not always the skills are those that allow you to do everything . You can not deal with SEO but also with copywriting and Facebook Advertising. Maybe yes, for a personal project. In any case there is time (a lot) to put on the bench.

But there is a difference between fainting and engaging. Today I want to dedicate space to a series of strategies and economic techniques to increase the visibility of the blog on Google and on social networks. Provided that there is a minimum of basic competence.

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Place the articles for many keywords

Clear, SEO optimization of articles is one of the pillars of every useful activity to advertise a blog. Many visits come from the internet and you have to catch them on the fly. How? Doing a good search on topics and writing useful articles .

The old approaches: a keyword corresponds to an article. Today you can do much more and enlarge (certainly not infinitely) the radius of a post. This is to get an advantage that will hardly disappoint you: improve the traffic of the blog, How?

Increasing the number of queries with which each article is positioned on Google. In this way I maximize the yield of each individual publication. The graph shows just this: look for how many keywords are placed the first best pages.

numero di keyword posizionate For how many keywords I can position myself – Fonte Ahrefs

Impossible? Hard? I do not think so, I usually do this: point on a main topic with an appreciable volume and study the related to try to understand what people are looking for around that topic. To work on this front use Answer The Public and other tools, but it would be impossible to tackle the topic in this post.

So, what to do? Read my article dedicated to SEO oriented writing . In any case, the synthesis is this: just think of a single keyword per article, each content can be positioned for an interesting number of searches.

How to advertise a blog on Instagram

You can launch a blog and highlight it on Instagram. Even if you do not put links in posts. In fact, the bio allows you to add a link , but I believe that you can take advantage of this social network to power the brand. How?

  • Instagram Stories : tell what you are writing.
  • Publish quotes, quotes and photos with text .
  • Take advantage of IGTV to publish tutorials.

In short, the strategy of visual storytelling works. I suggest using Instagram to create a narrative path around your blog. The quotes bring your brand , the logo of the blog and the address with URL. And the stories tell what you do.


Even behind the scenes. You do not have to put the link to promote the blog on Instagram: positioned in the heads of people , this is the revolution. Obviously, to get better results on Instagram, I recommend the Canva templates.

Improve the blog by optimizing the pages

What happens in most cases? SEO WordPress optimization only affects articles, perhaps landing pages . But in general, many visits are lost, ignoring operations that become indispensable to promote a blog .

Think, for example, on the blog home page. Have you optimized the title tag to make it descriptive? Then there are the taxonomies: how many times have you ignored tags and categories from your SEO copywriting job ? So many, I know. And it’s not good.

You have added pages, menus, archives without thinking that each publication can fulfill a search intent. To bring traffic and promote the blog. This is a mistake to be resumed as soon as possible, from a purpose to your resources.

Think about the resources to be optimized

Maybe not all . There are entities that must exist regardless of Google. Think about the contacts and the page about me . But why not turn categories into tools to position yourself on the search engine? Here too you can do a lot.

The basic idea is this: avoid unnecessary and redundant archives. Keep the crawlr budget for the most important resources and do not create blog pages that can cannibalize and come into conflict. A good job with mind maps can help you in these cases. Try Coggle , I use it every day with my projects.

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Improve visibility in the Google serp

Opening a blog and making yourself known is one of the dreams of many young people, entrepreneurs and professionals. But you realize that it is not easy to find visits even if the positioning is there. My advice: use the Search Console smartly.

What does this mean? In the research analysis section you can find a series of data that crosses the impressions (how many times your result has appeared in the serp) and the clicks. The report is called click through rate and you need to improve it.

search console

The reason: you can bring more people to the blog with the same placement. With equal efforts. This is possible thanks to good work in the snippet , optimizing title tags and meta description . What to do? Start from the pages with multiple visits, changing a simple description and working on persuasive copywriting you can do a lot.

Publish guest post on industry blogs


A real revolution for your project: publish guest posts , articles dedicated to a specific topic and published on a blog different from yours. Maybe more important and with greater visibility. The advantages that come from this action are clear:

  • Useful inbound links for off-page SEO.
  • Visibility towards a different audience.
  • New possibilities for your brand .
  • Virtuous relationships with other industry bloggers .

A good guest blogging strategy is the starting point when you decide to get serious. And the cost is limited to writing the post, but it must be perfect: if you want good results from this activity you have to put aside promotional items.


You have to focus on maximum quality. And above all you have to pay attention to the warnings launched by Google: a massive use of guest posts, even low-level and with an exact key commercial text anchor, could make the spam team suspicious. Better to publish a few guest posts of great caliber, and with quality links to your site.

Corporate blog promotion: where do you start from?

Does everything become more difficult with the promotion of a corporate blog ? No, there are only different dynamics . But from my point of view an online diary is linear.

It positions itself on Google, finds visibility with a good guest post strategy and manages to have benefits with a good job of social media marketing. You, for example, to manage a corporate blog from where you decided to start?

Employee involvement

Perhaps the only difference between a personal and business project concerns the possibility of leveraging a large group of people . You are not alone, there are many people with you who can help you promote the blog. So, what to do?

  • Create an editorial plan for those who have to write.
  • Turn employees into bloggers (it’s possible).
  • Suggest to report the blog on social media.
  • Push them to share the articles they publish.

Having an editorial staff behind is important, even more so if people are proud and enthusiastic about participating in the project. Face people , make sure that there is a signature behind every post. Include, take people to your idea.

How to advertise a blog on Facebook

Can I make my blog known on Facebook? Certainly. But you know that the organic visibility of these tools falls ever lower. So, to promote a blog on the social network in question I propose a triple solution:

  • Direct Facebook.
  • Community.
  • Advertising.

Do not post a link for each article but do 10 minutes of live to push the job. Direct relationship, no hyperlink pushed with indifference.

Content marketing on social networks is based on video and direct Facebook can achieve great visibility. The same applies to the communities.


That is to say an honest and open discussion group, difficult to manage but able to gather hundreds of people interested in what you do. Bringing the blog to a discussion group is a good way to retain readers .